Eventon: Rsvp Events
Updated 29 April 2022
RSVP addon for eventON allows you to enable your website visitors to RSVP to your events using name and email address...
Eventon – Wordpress Event Calendar Plugin
Updated 6 April 2022
WordPress Event Calendar Plugin
Eventon Action User Addon
Updated 2 April 2022
Allow your website users to submit events and control permissions
EventON: Event Tickets
Updated 1 April 2022
Are you looking to sell tickets for your events with eventON? Event Tickets powered by Woocommerce is the ultimate so...
EventON – Ticket Variations & Options
Updated 1 April 2022
Create seamless ticket variations like never before
Eventon: Reminders
Updated 24 March 2022
Send out auto reminders using Reminders addon for EventON RSVP and Tickets addon
EventON: Include Anything
Updated 17 March 2022
Include any wordpress post within EventON event calendar, as if it was a regular event.
Eventon: PDFer
Updated 17 March 2022
Send PDF confirmations and Tickets for your customers
EventON: Event CSV Import
Updated 11 March 2022
Import events easily into your eventON calendar using CSV importer addon.
Eventon Repeat Customizer
Updated 3 March 2022
Customize individual repeat instance event data Make Each Event Repeat Look Unique Using repeat customizer addon you ...
Eventon: Yearly View
Updated 2 March 2022
12 months, an entire year at a glance
Eventon Daily View Addon
Updated 18 February 2022
Display events for one day at a time
Eventon Full Cal Addon
Updated 4 February 2022
Amazing grid calendar addition to your eventON calendar
Eventon Seats
Updated 4 February 2022
The Seats addon for EventON allows you to convert your event tickets into interactive, handpicked seats from a map of...
Eventon Speakers & Schedule
Updated 29 January 2022
Expand your eventON calendar events with event speaker information and detailed time block based schedule for each ev...
EventON Bookings
Updated 28 January 2022
Time slot based bookings for your EventON event tickets. Avoid chaos and introduce controlled access and demand to yo...
Eventon Subscriber
Updated 14 January 2022
Subscriber addon for eventON
Eventon Qr Code Addon
Updated 6 January 2022
Checking-in attendance like never before
Eventon: Events Lists Extended
Updated 5 December 2021
VARIOUS EVENT LIST POSSIBILITIES Using the Event Lists Ext. addon allows you to sort items on your calendar’s events ...
Eventon: Event Slider
Updated 5 December 2021
Event Slider addon can convert your calendar events into beautifully crafted slider of events, that place events on s...
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