EventON: ICS Importer

Easily import events from ICS event file source into eventON calendar from iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar.
Version: 1.1.3
Updated: 6 November 2020
Status: Original
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Import Events using .ics files

ICS importer supports all default ICS file event fields and have pluggable functions to extend additional custom fields for importing additional data from ics files.

Accept ICS files

This addon only accept ics file format for importing events into eventON calendar system.

AJAX Based Importing

Smooth real-time feedbacks are given for processing and importing events from ICS file.

Set Event Post Status

You can set imported events to be saved as publish or draft for control over imported event status.

Include a Sample Guide

This addon file folder contain a sample.ics file that can be used to create your own ICS file according to accepted fields.

Import from External ICS Files

Use any publicly available ICS file URL to export events into eventON using this external ICS file URL.

Auto Schedule Imports

Set up auto scheduled imports using external ICS file URLs on set schedule times. Using a UID you can also sync already imported events.