Easy Digital Downloads Product Catalog Feed

Create Easy Digital Downloads XML feeds for Facebook Product Catalog with just a few clicks
Version: 1.0.1
Updated: 4 February 2021
Status: Original
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Key features that will help you upload your digital products into Facebook Product Catalogs

Auto-Mapping, so you don’t have to work hard

The plugin will automatically pull the correct data for most (if not all) required fields.

Auto-Refresh, so your feeds are updated

You can set-up an update interval, so your EDD XML feeds are automatically updated. Additionally, you can download each feed as an XML or CSV document.

Packed with smart options

  • Replace CAPITAL letters from product titles, so you can respect Facebook requirements.
  • Define TAX rules, so your feeds will always show the correct product prices.
  • Remove currency from the feed if you want to configure it directly from Facebook admin.