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directorist mark as sold addon 1.2.1 Wordpress Plugin

Collections: Directorist
Developer: wpWax
Version: 1.2.1 report oudated
Updated 03 October 2022
File status: Original
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Mark as sold is a dynamic extension that provides listing authors the opportunity to show visitors if a particular item is sold or not.

Product Overview

Sometimes, the visitors want to buy an item that has already been sold, assuming as still available. It could lead to an unpleasing situation and a horrifying user experience. Besides, it wastes time for both sides as well. With this extension, business owners can mark items as sold and easily inform users which items are available so that they can go for the right ones.

Moreover, there is another option called mark as negotiating. So, if any item is being negotiated, owners may let others know about it by clicking the “mark as negotiating” button. Therefore, they will know that negotiation is going on for that item.

Mark Items & Display Badge as Sold from the Dashboard

Mark As Sold extension enables listing owners to display the “Sold” badge on the listing by marking it as sold from the dashboard. It lets the user know about the availability of the item and also prevents unwanted communication to take place ensuring a fine user experience.

Mark Items as Negotiating Based on Conditions

Marking an item as “Negotiating” means a mutual discussion is in the process in order to purchase the item or to reach an agreement. Mark As Sold extension allows listing owners to display the “negotiating” badge automatically upon contact form submission, or by manually from the dashboard.

Key Features

  • Display “Sold” badge by marking items as sold from the dashboard.
  • Mark item as “negotiating” upon contact form submission.
  • Manually mark items as negotiation from the dashboard.
  • Customize the badge text, and name it as you desire.
  • Display “Sold” badge on author profile page only.
  • Display “Sold” badge on dashboard page only.
  • Display “Sold” badge on author profile page and all listings page.
  • Mark item as “negotiation” upon contact form submission.

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