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directorist listing FAQs addon 1.3.5

Collections: Directorist
Developer: wpWax
Version: 1.3.5 report oudated
Updated 02 October 2022
File status: Original
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Use an organized FAQ page on your directory website and provide quick information to help customers make a potential decision. Here, the idea is to keep the answers short and direct so that people find info quickly.

Product Overview

Listing FAQs is a quality extension which is used to provide a quick and easy way to add FAQs pages on your directory listing website. It is very common that every business receives some generic questions from its customers. These general questions regarding a business are also known as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Through Listing FAQ, you can display Frequently Asked Questions and their answers in any listings on your directory website. All FAQs will be displayed using a very nice and responsive accordion.

Generate Traffic and Build Trust By Solving Their Queries

Create a well-written FAQ with Directorist that ultimately helps to bring enormous traffic to your directory website. It’s interesting that you know what customers are thinking and you’ve already got an answer to those. It’s a great way to establish trust value among your customers.

Taking Smart Steps to Address Their Issues

Listing FAQs is an efficient extension to address the issues your potential customers made. If you are accepting public listing using Directorist Pricing Plans/ Directorist WooCommerce Pricing Plans add-ons, you can add more value to a pricing plan by adding FAQs feature to a plan. It is 100% integrated with the Pricing Plans add-ons. Therefore, you can boost your revenue very easily with this add-on. It also offers more features.

Key Features

  • Create unlimited Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.
  • Display/Hide FAQs in the listing page content.
  • Available FAQs Widget.
  • 100% responsive.
  • Display them in an animated accordion.
  • Very easy to use.
  • No configuration needed. Just Plug & Play.
  • Compatible with all Directorist add-ons including Pricing
  • Plans/WooCommerce Pricing Plans.
  • Very lightweight

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