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Updated: 04 October 2022
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Cost of Goods for WooCommerce Pro 2.6.8

Cost of Goods for WooCommerce Pro plugin lets you save WooCommerce products purchase costs (i.e. cost of goods sold). MAIN FEATURES:... read more
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Cost of Goods for WooCommerce Pro plugin lets you save WooCommerce products purchase costs (i.e. cost of goods sold).


  • Set costs of goods for your products.
  • For variable products costs can be saved for each variation separately or for all variations at once.
  • Add (sortable) product/order cost/profit admin columns to the WooCommerce products and orders lists.
  • Import and export product costs from and to a CSV file with standard WooCommerce Import and Export tools.
  • Included bulk edit costs tool allows you to bulk edit all products costs, prices and stock from a single page.
  • Import costs tool is available if you need to import costs from another product metas.
  • Optionally add “Cost of Goods” meta box to admin order edit page.
  • Optionally add notice to admin order edit page in case if order profit is below zero.
  • Optionally set order extra cost (all orders or per order), extra payment gateway costs and extra shipping method costs.
  • Use add stock tool to automatically calculate average product cost.
  • See cost/profit columns on WooCommerce Analytics > Orders section.
  • And more…


Cost of Goods for WooCommerce Pro features:
  • Add “Cost” input field to product bulk and quick edit.
  • Add “Add stock” fields (stock and cost) to product bulk and quick edit.
  • Recalculate orders cost and profit (for all orders or only for orders with no costs).
  • Handle multicurrency.
  • Add extra costs for your orders based on order’s payment gateway, shipping methods or product’s shipping classes.
  • Support.
  • View graphical costs/profit and stock reports.
  • Available reports on WooCommerce Analytics section:
    • See cost/profit including charts at Analytics > Orders tab.
    • See cost, profit and category columns at Analytics > Stock tab.
    • See cost/profit including charts at Analytics > Revenue tab.
  • Compatibility options with:
  • And more…

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