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automatorWP gamipress addon 1.1.2

Collections: AutomatorWP
Developer: AutomatorWP
Version: 1.1.2 report oudated
Updated 30 May 2022
File status: Original
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GamiPress is the easiest way to gamify your WordPress website in just a few minutes, letting you award your users with digital rewards for interacting with your site.

Triggers, actions and filters

All triggers, actions and filters included on this add-on


  • FREEUser earns an amount of points of a type
  • FREEUser earns an achievement
  • FREEUser reaches a rank
  • PROUser points balance is greater than, less than or equal to an amount
  • PROUser views an achievement
  • PROUser earns an achievement of a type
  • PROUser achievement gets revoked
  • PROUser achievement of a gets revoked
  • PROUser views a rank
  • PROUser reaches a rank of a type
  • PROUser rank gets revoked
  • PROUser rank of a type gets revoked
  • PROUser redeems a coupon where code matches with a condition
  • PROUser achievement expires
  • PROUser achievement of a type expires
  • PROUser rank expires
  • PROUser rank of a type expires


  • FREEAward points to user
  • FREEAward achievement to user
  • FREEAward rank to user
  • PRODeduct points to user
  • PRORevoke achievement to user
  • PRORevoke rank to user


  • PROUser points balance matches with an amount
  • PROUser has earned an achievement
  • PROUser does not has earned an achievement
  • PROUser rank matches with a rank

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