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Developer: AutomatorWP
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Updated: 17 July 2024
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automatorWP 4.4.5 Powerful automation plugin for WordPress (Activated)

AutomatorWP is a flexible and open-source automator plugin that lets you connect your WordPress plugins together and create automated workflows.... read more
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AutomatorWP is a flexible and open-source automator plugin that lets you connect your WordPress plugins together and create automated workflows. You can create “automations” linked to your WordPress activities and when any of them happen, you can make other things happen accordingly. You can use these automations for automate sales, marketing, administrative tasks, learning and any other kind of processes you want letting you save time and get focused on your most important work. Here is a video that lets you see how AutomatorWP works in less than 2 minutes!

Use automations to connect your plugins

Here are some automations samples to give you a quick idea of the possible combinations: When user purchases a WooCommerce product. Add a WP Fusion tag to the user. When user joins a BuddyPress group. Enroll user in a LearnDash course. Not only you can create one-to-one connections, also you can create automations with all the triggers and actions of your choice, such as the following one: When user creates a bbPress forum topic and completes a H5P content. Enroll user in a LifterLMS course add a MemberPress membership to the user and email user with instructions about how to access to the course. The number of combinations and possibilities are unlimited!

Connect your plugins with web services and others WordPress sites

With the Webhooks add-on you are able to send and receive data from anywhere like external applications, web services or others WordPress sites. You can connect all your WordPress plugins with platforms like Zapier or Integromat, even you can connect your plugins from a site with the plugins of another site and everything with no code. Any website, application or service with support to webhooks or with a Rest API can be connected with the Webhooks add-on and, in consequence, with your WordPress plugins! View Webhooks automations samples

Create automations easily

AutomatorWP includes an easy-to-use editor that you will quickly familiarize yourself with! See it in action!


AutomatorWP is extremely powerful and infinitely extensible. Check out some of the built in features: Unlimited triggers and actions: Configure as many triggers and actions per automation as you want. Logged-in and anonymous automations: Create automations for logged-in users or for not logged-in visitors. Filters: Filter any trigger or action with the conditions of your choice. Required number of times: Set the number of times required to complete a trigger like comment on a post 3 times. Sequential triggers: Force users to complete triggers in order to complete the automation. Completion limits: Limit automation’s maximum completion times per user and globally. Tags: Tags to pass dynamic information from triggers to actions (with support to user and post metas). Developer-friendly: AutomatorWP is extremely flexible with plenty of hooks to add custom features and functionalities.

Integrated with your favorites WordPress plugins

AutomatorWP works with different WordPress plugins, including:

Integrated with external platforms

AutomatorWP can also work with external platforms, furthermore WordPress plugins, like these below:

Powerful add-ons to extend AutomatorWP

If you’re looking for something endorsed and maintained by the developers who built AutomatorWP, there are a plethora of premium add-ons, the most popular of which include:

  • Webhooks: Send and receive data from webhooks to connect all your plugins with web services like Zapier or Integromat or even to connect different WordPress sites.
  • Schedule Actions: Schedule any action to run after a time delay of your choice.
  • Multimedia Content: New triggers based on multimedia content creation and interaction.
  • Block Users: Block users and roles for being able to complete any automation of your choice.
  • Button & Link: Launch any automation through buttons and links clicks.

View all add-ons

Included triggers, actions and filters

AutomatorWP includes +200 triggers, actions and filters for free, all of them listed here.

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