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advanced AMP ads 1.19.33 Wordpress Plugin

Collections: AMPforWP
Developer: AMPforWP
Version: 1.19.33 report oudated
Updated 21 November 2022
File status: Original
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You can now easily insert ads from any AD network between the content. It has got 7 different ad sizes and there is also an option which allows you to select the number of paragraphs after which the AD should be displayed. It also supports Link ad units.

There are two main features of this addon:

  1. Ads with in the content: It allows you to add ads between the content.
  2. Sticky ads: This one displays an ad that sticks on top when user scrolls.
  3. Custom AD option that enables any AD network support.
  4. Supports Link AD Units from Google Adsense.

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