Jch Optimize Pro
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Developer: JCH Optimize
Version: 3.0.4 report oudated
Updated: 20 February 2022
File status: Original
File name: jch-optimize-pro-wordpress-plugin-3.0.4.zip

jch optimize pro 3.0.4 for Wordpress

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JCH Optimize provides several front end optimizations for faster download speeds for your Joomla!, WordPress, Magento or Drupal website including minimizing http requests and reducing your web page sizes.

Research has indicated that visitors start leaving your website if they have to wait more than 4 seconds for the page to download. Use JCH Optimize to reduce bounce rate and start making your goal conversions.

Search engine giant, Google has indicated that web site speed affects search engine ranking. This means the faster your websites, the easier it is for your customers to find you. Use JCH Optimize to start ranking higher than your competitors now.

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How to download jch optimize pro 3.0.4 for Wordpress

How to install jch optimize pro 3.0.4 for Wordpress

After click Download button above, you’ll get jch-optimize-pro-wordpress-plugin-3.0.4.zip. Normally, you have to unzip jch-optimize-pro-wordpress-plugin-3.0.4.zip, then find the installable sub-zip to upload to your server or your Wordpress admin area. But there are times you don’t have to do that if there is no sub-zip files inside jch-optimize-pro-wordpress-plugin-3.0.4.zip, e.g there is only one folder inside jch-optimize-pro-wordpress-plugin-3.0.4.zip.

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