WP Statistics

Updated 7 December 2021
If you use WP-Statistics plugin, you surely require some widgets too. At this time, the published add-on supports two...
Updated 6 November 2021
Before activating this plugin, make sure you installed and activated WP Statistics plugin from Wordpress repository. ...
Updated 4 October 2021
Having this add-on, you can see the number of your visitors and online users instantly and lively without refreshing ...
Updated 29 November 2020
You can add the plugin capabilities to WordPress Rest-API using this extension. All of the plugin features are availa...
Updated 29 November 2020
You can add a mini chart in the list of posts and pages by installing the add-on. This add-on doesn’t have any specia...
Updated 29 November 2020
This add-on turns off our ads. It permanently disables ads on the Overview, Welcome page, and Settings page.
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