Updated 17 March 2021
This extension allow you to collect all sorts of extra information for your projects, milestones, tasks, bugs, and fi...
Updated 11 March 2021
This extension allows you to create and update projects via your site’s frontend
Updated 4 March 2021
UpStream Reporting includes dozens of built in reports, with filters for every parameter, allowing you to see your da...
Updated 3 March 2021
This extension allows you to add your own logo and colors to your project areas
Updated 16 February 2021
This extension allows you to easily see everything that’s happening in a single project, or all your projects. You ca...
Updated 11 February 2021
This extension allows you to add a Gantt-style timeline chart to your projects
Updated 21 January 2021
This extension allows you to send email updates and reminders to people working on your projects
Updated 5 January 2021
UpStream Time Tracking allows you to track the time you and your team spend on tasks, projects, and bugs. With the Up...
Updated 31 October 2020
Ready to build projects, tasks, and more using forms? UpStream Forms integrates UpStream with Ninja Forms, Gravity Fo...
Updated 16 October 2020
Using an XML definition file, you can set view, edit, create, and delete permissions for any UpStream object, as well...
Updated 25 September 2020
The UpStream API extension allows you to customize UpStream to suit your business requirements quickly and easily. Wi...
Updated 7 August 2020
This extension allows you to duplicate any existing UpStream Project.
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