GFChart Charting vs Time Add-On
Updated 25 September 2021
The Charting vs Time Add-On allows users to plot data aggregated over time periods. Consider the Trend Add-On to plot...
GFChart Trend
Updated 19 August 2021
The Trend Add-On allows users to plot data over time. Note every data point is plotted. Consider the Charting vs Time...
GFChart Classic
Updated 22 April 2021
Business reports from Gravity Forms
GFChart DIY Bar
Updated 19 February 2021
The DIY Bar Add-On allows developers to manually create their own bar charts from GFChart Calculations. It is ideal w...
GFChart GravityView Add-On
Updated 14 February 2021
The GravityView Add-On allows users to: produce a bar chart from single entry. This is ideal for personality type ass...
GFChart Text Addon
Updated 6 October 2020
The Text Add-On enables users to display a list of free text field submissions. It is ideal for surveys including fre...
GFChart Survey Customiser
Updated 18 July 2020
The Survey Customiser allows users to modify chart bar or segment: Colours, to match the palette of the site, or mean...
GFChart Image Charts Add-on
Updated 18 July 2020
The Image Charts Add-On enables Charts and Calculations within Gravity Forms notification emails and PDFs.  
GFChart Scheduled Notifications Add-on
Updated 22 April 2020
The GFChart Scheduled Notifications add-on enables Gravity Forms email notifications to be sent on a preset schedule....
GFChart Gutenberg Add-on
Updated 4 August 2019
GFChart will continue to work without intervention There is no change for front end users, or back end users using th...
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