Updated 23 May 2023
Easy affiliate marketing for WordPress that works
Updated 4 April 2023
Recruit and cultivate affiliates with the help of an online experience they will love
Updated 28 March 2023
Recurring Referrals allows you to record affiliate commissions anytime a subscription payment is made on a membership that was referred...
Updated 20 October 2022
Build a Secure Affiliate Marketing Program in WordPress with Smart Fraud Detection
Updated 11 July 2022
Allow affiliates to request a custom name for any of their coupons.
Updated 12 May 2022
Easy to create an affiliate registration form using Ninja Forms plugin.
Updated 8 April 2022
The Lifetime Commissions allowing the linked affiliate to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer.
Updated 19 November 2021
The AffiliateWP Stripe Payout add-on allows you to pay your affiliates directly from your Stripe account in an easy and...
Updated 9 November 2021
Signup Referrals awards a flat-rate commission to the affiliate when the user they have referred completes a sign up.
Updated 9 November 2021
Easy to create a custom registration form for your affiliates using Gravity Forms.
Updated 9 November 2021
The Zapier for AffiliateWP allows you to connect AffiliateWP with over 700 different web services, using your Zapier account.
Updated 9 November 2021
Full read-only RESTful API
Updated 9 November 2021
PayPal Payouts allows you to instantly pay your affiliates their earnings from your PayPal account.
Updated 6 November 2021
Gives your affiliates the option of connecting their phone or tablet via Pushover to your affiliate system.
Updated 6 November 2021
Custom Affiliate Slugs allowing affiliates to create their own custom “slug”.
Updated 6 November 2021
Tiered Affiliate Rates will allow you to reward your affiliates with higher commission rates.
Updated 5 November 2021
Easily share the referral URLs they have generated, right from their affiliate dashboard.
Updated 5 November 2021
Create dedicated landing pages for your affiliates, which they can promote without using an affiliate link
Updated 5 November 2021
Direct Link Tracking allows affiliates to link directly to your site without the need for an affiliate link.
Updated 26 May 2021
Running an affiliate program can massively increase your site’s revenue. Paying commissions on multi levels further incentivizes your affiliates to...
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