Yith Payment Method Restrictions For Woocommerce

Yith Payment Method Restrictions For Woocommerce

Sell Each Single Product With the Right Payment Method
Version: 1.1.20
Updated: 13 April 2021
Status: Original
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Hide specific payment methods based on the products in cart or on user’s origin.

You could exclude or allow certain payment methods through specific rules you will configure in few seconds.

For example, you could allow credit card payments only for all those orders exceeding a certain amount or exclude Paypal payments for some products. You could even insert different banks for payments made via bank transfer and associate them with different products.

  • Create restriction rules for all the payment gateways enabled
  • Set one or more conditions for each restriction rule
  • Disable the payment gateway when one or more of the following conditions occur:
    • the cart includes one or more products of those selected
    • cart total amount is lower, equal or higher than the amount set in the rule
    • the user is from one of the specified countries
  • Automatically switch the bank account to be used depending on the purchase conditions of the user
  • Notify the lack of a payment gateway with a custom message at the checkout


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