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WPLoyalty Pro 1.2.8 Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

WPLoyalty Pro is a simple points and reward plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin lets you create a loyalty program for WooCommerce... read more
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WPLoyalty Pro is a simple points and reward plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin lets you create a loyalty program for WooCommerce in a few easy steps and let customers earn points for their purchases and redeem their points for a coupon, which they can use for their subsequent purchases. Get started in three simple steps:
  1. Create a campaign for customers to earn points for their purchases
  2. Create a reward for customers to redeem their points as coupon
  3. Publish the reward page or the Launcher widget so that customers can discover your loyalty program


The following are some of the key features in the free version of WPLoyalty.
  • Earn points for purchase
  • Redeem the points as coupons, which can be used for purchases
  • Points expiry
  • Customizable reward page
  • Launcher popup widget for easy discovery of your loyalty program
  • Email notifications when customers earn points & during expiry of points
Earn Points for Purchase: Customers love to be rewarded for their purchases, and WPLoyalty makes it simple. With our plugin, your customers will effortlessly earn points for every purchase they make, incentivizing them to return for more shopping. Redeem Points as Coupons: WPLoyalty allows your customers to conveniently redeem their hard-earned points as coupons, which can be used for future purchases. This feature not only encourages repeat business but also provides your customers with a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Points Expiry: To keep your customers engaged and coming back, WPLoyalty offers a points expiry feature. You can set a specific time frame for points to expire, nudging customers to redeem their rewards before they’re gone, ultimately driving more sales and customer retention. Customizable Reward Page: Your brand is unique, and so should your loyalty program be. WPLoyalty offers a fully customizable reward page, allowing you to tailor the design, messaging, and overall look and feel to match your brand’s identity and resonate with your customers. Points messages: Inform customers of their potential points on product listing pages, product detail pages, as well as in their carts and during checkout. Launcher Popup Widget: Make it easy for your customers to discover and participate in your loyalty program with our Launcher Popup Widget. This feature ensures that your rewards program is always visible and accessible, helping to drive customer engagement and satisfaction. Email Notifications: Stay connected with your customers and keep them informed with WPLoyalty’s email notification feature. Customers will receive notifications when they earn points and when their points are about to expire, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging them to take action. Multi-lingual : Translate the points earning campaigns and rewards in your language easily. You can also translate the dynamic strings like campaign descriptions, reward descriptions using our dynamic translation free add-on for WPLoyalty. Looking for more features to create a WooCommerce Loyalty Program? Check out the PRO version of the WPLoyalty.


Imagine seeing repeat customers, boosted sales, and increased customer satisfaction, all while building a thriving community around your brand. WPLoyalty PRO is the ultimate rewards program designed exclusively for WooCommerce store owners. We know you work hard to provide the best products and services to your customers, so let us help you reward their loyalty and keep them coming back for more. The PRO version of WPLoyalty comes with a number of features, letting you run more comprehensive loyalty and rewards program in WooCommerce.


  • Points for Signup / Creating an account
  • Points for Birthday
  • Points for writing product reviews
  • Points for referral / refer-a-friend
  • Points for Social media page follows
  • Points for Social share (of referral url)
  • Bonus Points and Rewards based on goals / achievements
  • Instant coupon rewards
  • Levels / VIP Tiers

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