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Updated: 28 June 2024
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WPC Smart Linked Products for Woocommerce 1.3.2

Promoting related products, upsells or cross-sells are among the most effective and common ways to encourage buyers to find out... read more
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Promoting related products, upsells or cross-sells are among the most effective and common ways to encourage buyers to find out more choices and close the deal with a higher amount than their original intentions. WPC Smart Linked Products plugin is such a useful plugin to help store owners suggest more good items to buyers, which acts as a smart sale promoter for any online businesses. Combining with the WPC Custom Related Products plugin, which is specialized in dealing with related products, WPC Smart Linked Products will lay everything on the table for customers to easily make comparisons, analyze the needs & budgets, and decide faster. This makes people either end up purchasing an upsell version or upgrading their order value with related products & cross-sell products. Even when they decide to go back to their first choice, they have stayed on your site longer. Eventually, the sale revenue can see great improvements while more products are being paid attention. Worth mentioning is, this plugin is so versatile and powerful that users can define the sources for the main product & applicable linked products in abundant ways: storewide products, selected items, product types, tags, categories, attributes, etc. Users can also limit the number of linked products and order them to show the priority choice. It’s now saving you more time and effort when configuring upsells & cross-sells with the comprehensive list of sources and rules at hands.


  • Increase sale revenue vertically and/or horizontally
  • Get more attention to more product lines & deals
  • Convert more visitors into customers with ease
  • Build better product and brand awareness


  • Promote custom linked products (upsells, cross-sells) & related products
  • Automatically generate custom linked products for bulk items
  • Multiple sources: all products, products, brands, collections, types, visibility, tags, categories, attributes, shipping classes
  • Creating rules for the display: item limit, product filters: order by & order
  • Multiple rules can be set for the same item: rules’ order matters
  • Compatible with WPC Custom Related Products for WooCommerce
  • Compatible with most common WordPress themes and WooCommerce add-ons
  • Premium: Combine different sources to define the main & linked products

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