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WPC Badge Management for WooCommerce Premium 3.0.0

WPC Badge Management Premium is impressively a versatile, multipurpose, and powerful plugin, which is exceptionally refined for badge management in online... read more
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WPC Badge Management Premium is impressively a versatile, multipurpose, and powerful plugin, which is exceptionally refined for badge management in online shops and WooCommerce sites. Beyond product labeling, it can be a razor sharp sword for ecommerce business owners to win their battle in increasing the conversion rate, improving sales and revenues, securing fast checkout, and boosting the customer retention rate. The brand-new plugin is designed for users to manage all kinds of badges and improve the visual appearance on both single product and archive pages with custom images, shapes, icons, colors, texts and even short-codes. Highly configurable and constantly improving, this plugin is indeed not just a mere tool for badge management but a supreme weapon that can bring about game-changing results.


  • Emphasize the urgency & scarcity of sale events
  • Distinguish between different product lines
  • Act as quality, satisfaction, and safety disclaimers
  • Reduce cart and checkout abandonment rate
  • Improve brand recognition and popularity
  • Build strong, stable customer loyalty and trust


  • More than 22 styles of badges that diversify in images, colors, shapes, texts, etc.
  • Highly customizable Global Badges: excerpt, applicable objects, position, text, colors, tooltip & order
  • Multi-level object application: storewide (all products), on-sale, featured, out of stock, selected tags, categories, brands, product types, specific attributes
  • Various positions: Show or hide badges in more than 10 positions on pages & product images
  • Icons & short-code supported custom text for badges
  • Icon library: support FontAwesome, Feather, Ionicons
  • Orderable badges: input the order to be arranged when there are various badges inserted
  • Instant preview of badges on product image
  • Quickly preview all details of badges from the dashboard
  • (PREMIUM) Using a combination of conditionals
  • (PREMIUM) Groupable badges: manage positions of badges in groups on the single product page, archive page and product image
  • (PREMIUM) Product-level badge management: customize badges for specific products
  • WPC Smart Quick View integration: Customizable position on quick view popup
  • WPC Countdown Timer integration: Customizable badges using custom countdown timer short-code
  • Compatible with WPC plugins, most common WordPress themes and WooCommerce add-ons


  • Sale badges: On-sale, Percentage Discount, Amount Discount, Dynamic Prices, Flash Sale, Limited-Time Offer, Best Offer, …
  • Inventory badges: Coming soon, New Arrivals, On-back order, Low-stock, Out of Stock/ Exhausted, Restocked, Pre-Order, …
  • Trust badges: Secure Payment Methods, Safe Card Payments, Express Checkout, Money-Back Guarantee, Satisfaction Guarantee, Quality Guarantee, Fast Shipping, Free Delivery, Hassle-free Refunds, Free Returns, Free Trial, Goods Insurance, Third-Party Endorsements, …
  • Safety Disclaimer: 100% Organic Materials, Natural Products, Baby Safety & Pregnancy Safe Products, Hazard-free Materials, Environment Friendly, Recyclable Products, Inflammable Materials, Shock-proof Packaging, …
  • Custom badges: Collections & Albums, Styles, Brands, Release Year, Customizable Designs, Flash Sale Countdown, …
  • Popularity: Best Voted, Most Favorite, Most Popular, Best Seller, Featured Products, Trending Items, …


Each global badge can be configured with a group of applicable objects:
  • All products (storewide)
  • On-sale products
  • Featured products
  • Best selling products
  • Out of stock products
  • On backorder products
  • Categories (multiple categories are accepted)
  • Tags (multiple tags are accepted and can be separated by comma)
  • Brands (multiple brands are accepted and can be separated by comma)
  • Product types (“simple”, “variable/variation”, “subscription”, even special product types such as “woosb” (smart bundle), “woosg” (smart grouped), “composite” (composite product))
  • Product attributes (color, size, form, price, age, etc)

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