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WP ERP WooCommerce addon 1.3.1

Collections: WP ERP
Developer: weDevs
Version: 1.3.1 report oudated
Updated 09 January 2020
File status: Original
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Supercharge your WooCommerce store with powerful CRM and Accounting integrations and manage customers easily.

Sync your WooCommerce order details and customer data with WP ERP and allow your CRM agent to track your sales.


Using this amazing plugin, you will be able to view all the orders and transaction done by WooCommerce from your CRM and Accounting module. Besides that, this integration automatically exports newly registered customers to the CRM contact list and Accounting customer list.

You can create dynamic lists of customers by segmenting them based on more than 22 important filters. Save those list for sending emails and newsletters.

Your CRM agent can easily track orders made by your customers and provide after sales services without facing prior difficulties.

With this extension, you can-

  • Sync your WooCommerce order data with your WP ERP System
  • Manage your sales in an organized way using accounting module
  • Allow your CRM agents to track WooCommerce orders
  • Automatically add your existing and newly registered WooCommerce customers to the CRM contact list
  • Segment your customers into life states according to their activities (i.e. when they subscribe, when they place an order and also when they complete a payment)
  • Make segments of contacts and WooCommerce customers based on the products they have bought, the place they live, the last billing address they used and 20 other important filters!
  • Filter out customers who have purchased an exact, less than or more than an amount.
  • Allow your CRM agents to see the customer log from the contact’s profile that contains all the actions the customer has taken on your site.
  • Track your WooCommerce sales from ERP Accounting module
  • Store your WooCommerce sales amount into specific accounts of the Accounting module

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  1. Nikolaj Woroschilow

    Latest update is 2.6.13

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