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WP Custom Admin Interface Pro 1.48

Collections: Premium Plugins
Developer: Martin Gibson
Version: 1.48 report oudated
Updated 25 January 2023
File status: Original
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With WP Custom Admin Interface you can easily customize the WordPress admin menu and toolbar and customize the admin and login interfaces. But we’re just getting started! WP Custom Admin Interface provides a whole range of awesome admin features which other plugins will charge you for – this plugin is completely free.

WP Custom Admin Interface provides an awesome and simple interface to customize the backend of WordPress to provide a more customized experience for you and your clients or customers. WordPress administrators who manage multiple websites will appreciate the simple plugin settings export feature which will enable you to deploy customizations to multiple sites you manage.


  • Seamlessly re-arrange menu items with a drag and drop interface
  • Easily rename any menu item
  • Drag and drop top level menu items to sub level menu items and vice versa. Move any menu item anywhere!
  • Create new menu items and drag them to any position
  • Change the icon of any top level menu item from over 230 Dashicons or you can even upload your own icon!
  • Change more advanced properties like custom CSS classes, capability access and link target of any menu item
  • Add separators to space out top level menus
  • Restore a menu to the last save or to the standard WordPress menu
  • Using the simple condition builder easily apply the custom menu to select roles or users!


  • Add new menu items to the toolbar
  • Remove existing items from the toolbar
  • Re-order toolbar items
  • Move toolbar items to any level of the menu
  • Rename toolbar titles and links
  • Restore the toolbar to the last save or to the standard WordPress toolbar
  • Using the simple condition builder easily apply the custom toolbar to select roles or users!


  • Change the login screen background color
  • Change the login screen logo
  • Add a custom favicon to the backend and frontend of your website
  • Change the link and button colors
  • Customize the footer text which appears on every admin page and use a variety of nifty shortcodes like [year] to show the current year (for use in copyright text).
  • Remove the WordPress version number from the footer
  • Remove the admin toolbar from displaying on the frontend of WordPress
  • Add custom admin CSS
  • Add custom login CSS
  • Add custom Javascript/jQuery
  • Add custom PHP to WordPress
  • Add custom CSS and Javascript/jQuery to the frontend of WordPress
  • Create a coming soon/maintenance page with custom content and set a future expiry date to make your site live
  • Hide plugins from displaying for certain users and roles
  • Hide users from displaying for certain users and roles
  • Hide sidebars from displaying for certain users and roles
  • Hide meta boxes from all post types including custom post types as well as the dashboard page!
  • Create a custom admin notice which can be displayed to select users/profiles and with an expiry date
  • Create a custom dashboard widget
  • Disable automatic updates
  • Disable plugin updates
  • Disable Gutenberg block editor
  • Export and import settings


Upgrade to Custom Admin Interface Pro to create multiple menus, toolbars, notices, admin/frontend code, dashboard widgets, hidden plugins, hidden metaboxes, hidden sidebars and hidden users! Easily export your settings to a file and roll back revisions of your edits. Get more settings in a new intuitive design built from the ground up.

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