Woocommerce Multistep Checkout Wizard
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Developer: Kole_Roy
Version: 3.7.9 report oudated
Updated: 13 July 2022
File status: Original
File name: codecanyon-woocommerce-multistep-checkout-wizard-3.7.9.zip

WooCommerce multistep checkout wizard 3.7.9

Simplify and beautify checkout process read more
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Checkout page is the most important part of any ecommerce website. If the customers finds the checkout process too complicated, chances are they will leave without buying and might not come back. 

WooCommerce Multistep checkout helps to improve your conversion rate by simplifying and beautifying checkout process.It will create checkout wizard by splitting different sections of default WooCommerce checkout page, so users will have convenient shopping experience.


  • Responsive Layout
  • WPML Compatible
  • Multiple styles
  • Completely customizable through plugin options
  • Horizontal Orientation
  • Vertical Orientation
  • Cross browser’s compatible
  • Form Validation for each step
  • Fully extendable through plugin hooks

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How to download WooCommerce multistep checkout wizard 3.7.9

How to install WooCommerce multistep checkout wizard 3.7.9

After click Download button above, you’ll get codecanyon-woocommerce-multistep-checkout-wizard-3.7.9.zip. Normally, you have to unzip codecanyon-woocommerce-multistep-checkout-wizard-3.7.9.zip, then find the installable sub-zip to upload to your server or your Wordpress admin area. But there are times you don’t have to do that if there is no sub-zip files inside codecanyon-woocommerce-multistep-checkout-wizard-3.7.9.zip, e.g there is only one folder inside codecanyon-woocommerce-multistep-checkout-wizard-3.7.9.zip.

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