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Developer: Ultimate Member
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Updated: 24 December 2020
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ultimate member theme 1.27 Wordpress Theme

Ultimate Member Theme is an intuitive & flexible, WordPress theme offering deep integration with Ultimate Member. This responsive, lightweight theme... read more
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Ultimate Member Theme is an intuitive & flexible, WordPress theme offering deep integration with Ultimate Member. This responsive, lightweight theme offers a deep integration with Ultimate Member and has been created specifically for sites that have logged in users.

Why use Ultimate Member theme?

Built by Ultimate Member team Purpose built for sites with logged-in users Lightweight & mobile responsive Works with Beaver Builder & Elementor page builder plugins Integrated with Ultimate Member plugin & extensions Works with all modern browsers.

Theme Features

The theme is built and maintained by Ultimate Member core developers so you can rest assured that it works flawlessly with the plugin and extensions. No other WordPress theme offers the integration we do between a theme and the Ultimate Member plugin.

Easy custom styling

The theme is integrated with the WordPress customizer allowing you to easily design your site just how you like it. Change any aspect of it including colors, fonts etc without needing any coding knowledge.

Extension integrations

The theme allows you to easily style the extensions via the theme customizer. In addition, the theme is integrated with the following Ultimate Member extensions.
Real-time notifications
When using the theme with the real-time notification extension an icon will appear in the header. This allows users to easily receive updates wherever they are on your site. When a user receives a notification an alert will appear over the notification.
Private Messages
The private messaging extension, when combined with the theme, will add a message icon to your website’s header. When clicked this will open up a modal allowing users to easily see who has messaged them.

Logged-in user header

The theme comes with a different header layout for users who are logged in. When a user is logged in, the header will show the user’s avatar and display name. Additionally, if you are using the real-time notification and private messaging extensions an icon will appear for each extension in the header.

Logged-out user header

The theme comes with a different header layout for users who are logged out. When a user is not a logged-in you can show a register or login button in the header (or both). Having a register call-to-action button in the header will help to encourage users to register on your site.

Top & Bottom Bars

The theme comes with optional top & bottom header bars.
Top bar
The top bar comes with a 1 or 2 column layout and allows you to show a menu, display custom text and/or show social media icons in the top bar.
Bottom bar
Websites with logged in users general have additional items in a header compared to a static website. This is where the bottom bar comes into play. It is the perfect place for showing additional menu items. With the bottom bar, you can have it show by default or “visible on click”. When “visible on click” is selected an icon will appear at the end of the main navigation menu in the header.

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How to install ultimate member theme 1.27 Wordpress Theme

After click Download button above, you’ll get Normally, you have to unzip, then find the installable sub-zip to upload to your server or your Wordpress admin area. But there are times you don’t have to do that if there is no sub-zip files inside, e.g there is only one folder inside

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