Ultimate Dashboard Pro

Create an advanced custom WordPress Dashboard with Ultimate Dashboard PRO.
Version: 3.4
Updated: 22 June 2021
Status: Activated
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Pro Items
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Remove 3rd Party Widgets

Don’t let other plugins clutter up your WordPress dashboard. Remove 3rd party widgets with Ultimate Dashboard PRO.

PRO Widgets

Add video & contact form widgets to your dashboard with Ultimate Dashboard PRO.

  • Video Widgets
  • Contact Form Widgets
  • User Access
  • User Role Access

Advanced Login Customizer

Choose from different layouts & customize every detail of your WordPress login screen.

  • Layout Options
  • Background Image

User Role Access

  • Restrict Ultimate Dashboard widgets to specific user roles or even only to specific users.
  • Assign Widgets & Admin Pages to specific User Roles
  • Assign Widgets to specific Users

Admin Menu Editor

  • Hide Menu Items
  • Rearrange Menu Items
  • User Role Controls
  • Custom Icons

Page Builder Support

Replace the entire WordPress dashboard with your saved Elementor or Beaver Builder Layout or use it along with our Ultimate Dashboard widgets.

  • Beaver Builder
  • Elementor

Multisite Support

Ultimate Dashboard PRO was built from the ground up with WordPress multisites in mind.

Declare a blueprint site on your network and all subsites will inherit the widgets, white label settings & more from the main site.

  • Define a Blueprint
  • Exclude Sites
  • Global Widget Order
  • Capability Settings

White Label WordPress

  • Custom Brand Color
  • Classic & Modern Layout
  • Custom Admin Bar Logo
  • & Much More

Custom Admin Pages

Create Custom Admin Pages (Top-Level & Sub-Menu) with HTML & CSS, Beaver Builder or Elementor.

  • Top-Level Admin Pages
  • Sub-Menu Admin Pages
  • Add Custom CSS
  • Beaver Builder
  • Elementor
  • Add Custom JS