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Developer: THEMECO
Version: 6.2.6 report oudated
Updated: 09 June 2023
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pro theme 6.2.6 The New #1 Theme

The Most Advanced Website Creator for WordPress read more
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THEMECO Pro Theme is the most advanced multipurpose website creator for WordPress. It takes things to the next level. With the simplicity of X, the elegance & grace from Themeco developers, you would feel sorry for anyone developing themes right now. Using Pro is game over for most of them. This theme builder have a lot of useful features, here is a list of them:

Header builder. Effortlessly build everything from simple to complex header layouts with ease.

Content builder. Unleash your website's layout potential with powerful features and an optimized workflow.

Footer builder. There's something about a beautifully designed footer. Create your own to pixel perfection.

Introducing presets. The building blocks that are so incredibly powerful you'll never want to design without them again.

Build in the browser. Work out of the front end with this first in WordPress application.

CSS coalescence. All elements have their own styling options and they are optimized in one output (no inline).

Search focused. Hundreds of new controls means you need a quick & easy way to find what you need when you need it.

Built for pros. (And those aspiring to be). Create highly custom sites on one platform allowing for fast prototyping.

Intelligent dropdowns. Pro handles the most complex navigation easily with smart features that respond to the viewport.

Responsive modals. You know how most modals stink? We built ours with responsive design and accessibility in mind.

Off canvas content. Bring a little bit of that "native app" magic to your desktop website with our off canvas (responsive) content areas.

Mix & match. Create an unlimited number of headers and footers then place them wherever you want.

Bars & containers & elements. The foundation for all your building activity follows a neat and tidy workflow to maximize efficiency.

Conversion optimized. Drill down to the tiniest of details to create the perfect customer experience.

The bar. Your trusted guide for all things Pro, this friend is always present, never late, and happy to lend a hand.

New theme options panel. Modernized and built for the future, you'll feel right at home in this powerful new command center.

Real-time canvas. You don't need to see some stale old options panel. You need your site in real time all the time.

Font manager. Assign font families to particular parts of your site then manage them in one location.

Color manager. Assign color palettes to particular parts of your site then manage them in one location.

Highly modular. We've taken "atomic design" to the max with our new builders. Markup, styling, and scripting are all highly reusable.

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How to download pro theme 6.2.6 The New #1 Theme

How to install pro theme 6.2.6 The New #1 Theme

After click Download button above, you’ll get themeco-pro-theme-6.2.6-nulled. Normally, you have to unzip themeco-pro-theme-6.2.6-nulled, then find the installable sub-zip to upload to your server or your Wordpress admin area. But there are times you don’t have to do that if there is no sub-zip files inside themeco-pro-theme-6.2.6-nulled, e.g there is only one folder inside themeco-pro-theme-6.2.6-nulled.

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