Storefront Proshop

Storefront Proshop

Improve your sports stores performance with ProShop!
Version: 2.0.16
Updated: 12 June 2019
Status: Original
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Unlock the true potential of your sports clothing and equipment store with ProShop! It’s metropolitan design provides an active aesthetic giving your store oodles of character.

ProShop is a Child Theme for Storefront.
You must have our Storefront theme installed as the base theme, in order to use ProShop.

Improve your sports stores performance with ProShop!

ProShop is a Storefront child theme that has been designed to be used by sports clothing and equipment stores. It features an urban, texturized design which when coupled with a header image of your choosing will give your store an edgy personality with tons of character. Customize the look and feel with the built in options or install some of the Storefront Extensions to create something truly unique.


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