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Reimagine the way you use the WordPress Block Editor
Version: 2.17.2
Updated: 19 July 2021
Status: Activated
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Stackable Premium lets you reimagine the way you use the WordPress Block Editor. The ease of a straightforward way of building sections with a single block and the power of precision design controls all make Gutenberg smooth – very smooth.

Stackable Premium extends the capabilities of Stackable and the new WordPress editor to give you the smoothest page building experience. Using the core Stackable Philosophy of balancing utility and great design, Stackable Premium offers:

  • Premium Block Layouts and Pre-Set Section / Block Designs
  • Premium hover and image box effects
  • Three-layer separators
  • Premium functionality and design options with guided CSS customizer, 50+ blob image shape options, option to use different image shapes for different columns, advanced settings for column spacing, and custom post types for Posts Block
  • Premium updates and focused one-on-one customer care (1 year)

While you can create great pages with Stackable, Stackable Premium lets you do so much more.

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