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Slim SEO Schema 2.4.2 Wordpress Plugin

A Powerful & Lightweight WordPress Schema Plugin read more
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Creating schemas for Google now made easy! A powerful plugin to add structured data for your posts, pages, or any custom post types in WordPress to help Google better understand your content.

Visual Schema Builder

Slim SEO Schema lets you build schemas with a few clicks by just selecting a schema type and properties. You don't need to write any code, JSON-LD, or hook into your theme to display schemas. Everything can be selected, configured, and outputted visually inside the plugin settings page.

Comprehensive List of Schemas

Slim SEO Schema supports all the schemas listed and supported by Google. So, if you want your page highlighted on the Google search results page with a star rating review, then you can do with Slim SEO Schema. All schemas are listed and grouped logically, just like Google does, so you'll find them easy to insert into your website. Besides, Slim SEO Schema also supports other basic schemas like Thing, Person, Organization, and Image that you can use to add custom schemas if needed.

Comprehensive List of Properties

When adding a schema, Slim SEO Schema automatically adds all the required and optional properties with predefined values for you. So you don't need to lift a finger! You can also add other optional properties. Slim SEO Schema supports all properties recommended by Google and many properties from

Custom Properties

While Slim SEO Schema provides a comprehensive list of properties, there are situations in that you want to add more properties to a schema to make it more complete (according to the specs at, you can do that with custom properties in Slim SEO Schema. Slim SEO Schema allows you to add as many properties as you want. It provides a "dot" notation that allows you to add even nested or complex properties. There are no limits on which properties you can add or what values they can take.

Dynamic Data

When you create a schema for a custom post type, your schema must be dynamic, e.g it must work with all posts. So, you'll need to connect schema properties to post fields like title and content. With Slim SEO Schema, this can be done easily. Slim SEO Schema allows you to connect to post fields, site and user details, and also custom fields. It supports popular custom fields plugins: Meta Box and ACF.

Flexible Schema Locations

With Slim SEO Schema, you can set a schema for a specific post type, or only posts within a category. You can also create a schema for simple products in WooCommerce and another schema for variable products. There are various rules that you can define for schemas. And you can combine these rules to make the schemas more flexible.

Custom JSON-LD

If you want to build schemas yourself, or you use a schema generator that gives you JSON-LD that you need to insert into your website, then the plugin allows you to paste JSON-LD and set location rules for it. You can use dynamic variables to output dynamic data in your JSON-LD, which makes your schema works for multiple pages.

Plugin Compatibility

Slim SEO Schema works well with popular WordPress plugins. It can fetch data from these plugins for schema properties and render them on the front end. For specific plugins like page builders, custom fields, or WooCommerce, Slim SEO Schema has custom integrations for them to make them work smoothly together.

SEO Plugins Compatibility

Slim SEO Schema can work with or without Slim SEO. We made it as an independent plugin that can work on its own. The plugin doesn't require Slim SEO and integrates well with any SEO plugin.

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