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ShopEngine Pro 2.5.8 Complete WooCommerce Solution for Elementor

Are you using multiple plugins for features like WooCommerce builder, Elementor addons, customizing WooCommerce pages, wishlist, product comparison, quick view... read more
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Are you using multiple plugins for features like WooCommerce builder, Elementor addons, customizing WooCommerce pages, wishlist, product comparison, quick view modals and variation swatches? Well, not anymore! You don’t have to slow down your eCommerce website. Enjoy all the functionalities of a full-fledged online shop without affecting loading speed and also deep customization option using drag and drop WooCommerce builder, ShopEngine. Harness the power of Elementor inside your WooCommerce website! GUTENBERG ADDON NOW AVAILABLE ShopEngine is the most complete WooCommerce template builder for Elementor. It helps you build and customize the single product page, cart page, archive page, checkout page, order page, my account page, and thank-you page from scratch. Apart from featuring the product comparison, wishlist, quick view, and variation swatches, ShopEngine comes with 50+ drag-and-drop Elementor widgets to let you build and customize your eCommerce website to your heart’s content.


Woocommerce Builder 50+ Widgets Override WooCommerce pages like Single, Cart, Checkout page, etc. Enable and Disable Any Widget/Module for the Best Page Speed Product Variation Swatches Product Quick View Product Comparison Table Product Wishlist Module Filter and Pagination based on AJAX Product Share Feature Multi-language Support Unlimited Customization Works with Elementor Compatible with popular themes No Coding Skills Required Display Related Products Smartly Top-notch and Dedicated Support Team.


Let the Buyers Have a Quick View of Any Product WooCommerce Quick view module will let the customers have a glance at any product of your online shop without entering the individual product page. Product quick view is one of the widely used WooCommerce extensions for WooCommerce shops. ShopEngine displays a product lightbox or product modal that pops up with a product image and short description when a customer clicks on the quick view button of the product. Apart from enabling/disabling it, you can change every feature element from top to bottom. Using this free quick view feature with Elementor page builder, you have the wizard to decide how you want your customers to interact with the product.


Let the Buyers Specify the Desired Product with Product Variation Swatches WooCommerce Variation Swatches enable the shoppers to select attributes for variation products. With product variation swatches of ShopEngine, you can turn the product variation option fields into radio images, labels, and colors. It is time to drop the dropdown product attribute fields from your website and say hello to variation swatches for WooCommerce. Apart from customizing the border and background sizes, you can easily enable and disable this module whenever you want. So, switch to variation swatches and turn the product variation select option fields into something more stylish and eye-catching.


Let the Buyers Add Products to the Wishlist A product wishlist lets the shoppers save their desired products to buy later on. As an e-commerce shop owner, you should make sure that you’ve added a functional WooCommerce wishlist button with every product. Integrating the wish list in your shop has multiple benefits. Leveraging this feature, shoppers can save any products for buying in the future. When they come back to your website later, they can easily track the products on the list and add them to the cart for buying. Find out more..


Let the Buyers Compare Products Side By Side The product comparison module for WooCommerce will enable the buyers to compare the products of your shop with a compare table. You can set an add-to-compare button to help them see the product differences from a custom compare page. They will have absolute liberty to select attributes for comparison. With this intelligent WooCommerce product-compare module, you can customize the compare buttons using the widget settings from Elementor.


Let your customers know about the sale of products by using ShopEngine’s badges module. This module will show the percentage of discounts you are giving for different products. With this module, you can attract your customers more as people love to buy products during offers. The badges module will also help you customize the badge by changing color, size, typography, etc. Because of these customizations, you can make your offers more attractive.


Provide your customers with a quick checkout option that will save your customers time. ShopEngine offers a quick checkout option for your eCommerce store. This option will help your customers skip the shopping cart page and directly visit the checkout page for a fast checkout facility. The quick checkout module will ease your checkout option and help your customers get the best shopping experience by saving their time.


Let your customers pay their payments partially. This module will boost your conversion rate by adding a partial payment system to each of your products. Because of this option, customers who can’t buy because of a lack of money can get the product. Also, You can boost customer satisfaction by offering this option. ShopEngine will help you to increase trust in your customer’s minds. Because after seeing this option, customers who are in doubt about buying will try out your products. This will optimize your shop page to boost sales.


Set a pre-order option for your products and let your customers order products before product release. The Pre-order module of ShopEngine will let you add a pre-order option to your products. As a result, you will get the exact idea of the market demand for your products. ShopEngine not only helps you to add pre-order options but also helps you to customize this option. So that your pre-order button will be more eye-catching and help you to boost conversions.


This module will let you add a back-order option to your products. As a result, you can take orders from your customers after the stockout of your products. ShopEngine’s back-order will help you to know, whether you should stock the products again or not. Besides, you can increase customer satisfaction by prioritizing your customer’s demands. Making the back-order option more appealing is possible with ShopEngine. Because here customization option is also open.


Make a high social proof site with the sales notification module of ShopEngine. Sales notification will let you add notifications for your recent product sales through a popup. When a visitor enters your site, they will see notifications of your sales. This will help your customers to buy your products by increasing trust. You can also create a sense of urgency through this module.


Switch currency according to your market demand and expand your business. ShopEngine provides a currency switcher module to switch currency according to your needs. This is an effective tool for your eCommerce store. You can also show multiple currencies for customers who belong to different countries.


Give your offers and discounts for a specific time and let your customers know the time of that offer with this module. The Flash sale countdown module will help your customers act immediately as offer time is limited. ShopEngine will help you to increase your conversion rate by offering a flash sale module. You will also get different styles to show your count-down timer to your customers. Further, a 100% customization option is also open for every module.


Add and remove fields from your checkout form according to your needs with this module. The additional checkout field module will let you add new fields to your checkout form and remove it when it has no use. As a result, you can give your checkout form a professional look and get information from your customers according to your needs.


ShopEngine offers 20+ widgets to build a product page that draws customers’ attention.
  • Product Price: Customize the font, typography, and alignment of the product price tag with this drag and drop Elementor widget.
  • Product Title: Showcase your title in different styles and colors and choose the best HTML tags.
  • Product Rating: Show the average rating of your product by ShopEngine’s rating widget. This will convince your customers to buy your products, and at the same time, your website will be social proof. Your customer will get an idea about the quality of your products through this rating widget.
  • Product Upsells: Leverage the Product Upsells feature to suggest more products to the shoppers in a versatile manner. Set the number of products to show, enable-disable slider, show/hide heading, show/hide the regular price, show/hide the cart button, etc. Choose the number of slides to be shown in the viewport. Customize the slide speed, arrows size, dots size, active dots size, etc. Turn the loop and autoplay on and off as required.
  • Product Additional Information: Give your shoppers more information about the products. Customize the title, label, value, table, and typography from the settings.
  • Add to Cart: Design your add-to-cart button as per your own fashion and let the shoppers add any products they want to buy in just one click. Change the colors, layout, style, hover effect, and place the button in any position you want.
  • Product Meta: The Product meta widget will let you show or hide the product SKU, product category, and product tag on your product page.
  • Product Description: Decide how you want to show the detailed description of the product features with the product description widget for WooCommerce.
  • Product Excerpt: Get the best of the product excerpt widget for the busy customers to describe a product in a nutshell.
  • Product Images: Find the right icon for the product lightbox. Show/hide the sale flash. Make changes to the color, position, typography, border type, border radius, etc. from the sale flash, lightbox zoom icon, and image style settings.
  • Product SKU: Set the alignment, font family, SKU value, and alignment to show the SKU more smartly. Choose to show/hide the SKU label as well.
  • Product Tags: Customize the tag label, alignment, typography, and color. Show/hide the tags. Add hover effects of your choice.
  • Product Stock: Define the product stock status. Change the stock status text, and show/hide the ‘In Stock” status. Set icon, typography, alignment, hover effects for out-of-stock and available on backorder product stock.
  • Product Categories: Show/hide the ‘product category’ label, change the color, alignment, and typography until you are satisfied.
  • Product Tabs: Customize the navigation style, tab content, information list, review style, review form, and submit button.
  • Product Review: Change the product review heading color and typography, single review border type, color, and padding. Customize the avatar width, review author name, review date, review content, review star color, empty star color, and comment form.
  • Product Share: Display the product share options to your customers in a lively manner.
  • Price Filter: Leverage the price filter widget and let the customers find the product that best fits their budget and choice.
  • Breadcrumbs: Change the breadcrumb icon, text color, link color, link hover color, and spacing range with the Breadcrumb widget from ShopEngine.
  • Product Categories: Customize the product category title and define the order style. Decide whether you want to show the categories as dropdowns. Choose to hide/show the empty categories, product count, hierarchy, etc. Set the maximum category depth. Use your favorite style of the title, category list, and category dropdown.
  • Related Products: Set the number of related products to show. Enable/disable slider. Choose to show/hide the heading, sale flash, regular price, and cart button. Set the number of columns for the slider, and decide whether you want to use the loop or autoplay feature. Set the preferred slide speed, arrow size, dots size, active dots size. Define whether the products will be ordered randomly, by title, price, popularity, rating, menu order, or menu order. Define the column gap, image height, background color, etc.


Get more sales by adding cross-sells and empty cart messages. Display a beautiful cart table with cart total and return to the shop button.
  • Cart Table: Customize the header, body, and footer of the product table with the cart table widget from ShopEngine. Set the text and background color of the table header. Choose the vertical alignment in the top, middle, or bottom. Set the appropriate content padding, text color, price color, link hover color, content border type, etc. Set the button style in the table footer and customize anything else you want.
  • Cart Total: Show/hide the cart total heading. Change the color and font size of the heading. Change the background color of the cart wrap and border type. Choose the color and typography for table data and shipping methods. Select the table row border type and color. Add hover effects on the checkout button. Ensure good color combination and position of the box shadow.
  • Cross-Sell: Set the number of products to show for cross-sells. Bring variety in cross-sell product showcasing styles. Customize the slider controls. Decide to show/hide the sale flash, regular price, cart button, and heading.
  • Return to Shop: Customize the return to shop button with this widget of ShopEngine. Set the border shadow color and position. Choose to make the border shadow more attractive with horizontal, vertical, blur, and spread settings.
  • Empty Cart Message: Display an empty cart message to the shoppers more intuitively with the customized style.


Customize the archive title, archive products, and archive description of your eCommerce website.
  • Archive Description: Alter the alignment, color, and typography of the archive description.
  • Archive Products: Change the archive product layout along with the styles of the product container, content, and sale flash with this widget.
  • Archive Title: Choose the right HTML tag for the archive title. Set the alignment, color, and typography as per your preference.
  • Archive Result Count: This archive page widget will help you to show the total products on your archive or shop page. Because of it, your customer will know the number of products on your archive or shop page.
  • Archive View Mode: Archive view mode widget can provide a better user-experience to your customers by providing a better look. This widget will show product details beside your product image so that your customers will have a good view of your product.
  • Order By Filter: This archive page widget will let your customers find their desired product more easily by filtering your archive page products.
  • Products Per Page Filter: Provide the best user experience by allowing your customers to choose how many products they want to see on the shop/ archive page.
  • Product List: Add a list of your archive or shop page product and customize it as your desire with ShopEngine’s product list widget. This widget will let you select the number of products you want to show on a single page. You can further customize product images, badges, categories, colors, ratings, etc with this widget.
  • Product Filters (Pro): Let your customers filter out your shop/ archive page widget based on color, rating, size, and other attributes with the product filter widget.


Give your customers the best checkout experience of their life by leveraging the checkout widgets of ShopEngine.
  • Checkout Payment: Change the color of the alt text, URL, URL hover, and divider. Choose the container background color and padding value for the top, right, bottom, and left. Make any changes to the checkbox and CTA button to let the shoppers have the best shopping experience.
  • Checkout Review Order: Customize the border, typography, and color of table header, body, and footer with the checkout review order widget.
  • Checkout Form Additional: Bring changes to the form label and text area styles with the checkout form additional widget.
  • Coupon Form: Use a customized coupon form to get more sales. Use this widget to decide how you want to present the color, font, and typography of the coupon form to your customers.
  • Checkout Form Billing: Decide whether you want to see the default title enabled. Set the alignment, background color, and padding for the form container. Change the label font size, margin, and color. Also, customize the typography and input styles.
  • Checkout Form Login: Bring any changes in the toggle heading, text, label, input, and button styles of the checkout form login.
  • Checkout Form Shipping: Customize the checkbox title, form container, label, and input styles with the checkout form shipping widget.
  • Checkout Shipping Methods: Display the shipping methods with distinctive colors, margin buttons, label spacing, etc.


Create a thank you message along with everything the customers need for the order page.
  • Order Details (Pro): Drag and drop the order details widget for Elementor to change the table header, table body, section headings, and wrapper styles.
  • Address Details (Pro): Show or hide the order details icon, apply the best alignment, change the color and typography of the address title and main address section.
  • Order Confirm (Pro): Customize the order table header and table body with the order confirm widget.
  • Order Thank You (Pro): Say thanks to your customers in a manner so that they feel appreciated for their decision. Change the alignment of the thank you page description and give that the color of your choice.


Let the customers manage their accounts easily by tracking the orders and downloads. Also, give them a scope to register and logout from their accounts.
  • Account Address (Pro): Use this widget to specify the address type and change the billing and shipping address display styles. You can also modify the title, label, input, and submit button of the account address form.
  • Account Dashboard (Pro): Create a dashboard of your choice by choosing the text and link font, weight, user color, link color, link-text decoration style, spacing range, etc.
  • Account Navigation (Pro): Present the account navigation list and navigation container in a distinctive way with color and box-shadow.
  • My Account Orders (Pro): Let the shoppers check their orders more intuitively. Make necessary changes to the order table heading, body, pagination button, and action button swiftly with this WooCommerce widget.
  • Account Order Details (Pro): Drag and drop this widget on Elementor for customizing the heading, table title, table body, download buttons, order again buttons, and address section.
  • Account Downloads (Pro): Customize the table heading, table body, and download buttons as per your preference.
  • Account Logout (Pro): Use this widget to build the most functional account logout option.
  • Account Details (Pro): Experiment with different styles for label, input, form, and button.
  • My Account Form Login (Pro): Add a login form for your customers with this widget. This widget will provide your customers access to their account information. As a result, your customer can easily enter their account.
  • Account Register Form (Pro): Try variations in the account registration form styles for the label, input, title, and form container.


  • Deal Products: This widget will let you add your discount products with a start and end sale date. Deal products will let you show available stock, sold numbers, and many more information to your sale products.
  • Filterable Product List: Filter your products on your shop page and customize this option with ShopEngine’s filterable product list widget. You can enable or disable flash sales, categories, descriptions, ratings, regular prices, off-tag badges, etc with this widget.
  • Product Category List: Show your product categories to your customers in a more attractive way with the product category list widget. This widget will make your product categories more organized. You can also customize this option as you want.
  • Recently Viewed Products: Add a recently viewed option to your eCommerce store so that your customers can see the products they viewed a few times before. This widget will help your customers easily find products and place orders.
  • Categories (Pro): Categories widget will let you add categories to any of your WooCommerce pages to ease the product search option for your customers. You can also customize categories for your pages.
  • Currency Switcher (Pro): This is a great widget by using it your customers can switch among different currencies according to their needs. And let them use that currency to checkout.
  • Flash Sale Products (Pro): Offer flash sales to your WooCommerce store with ShopEngine’s flash sale product widget. This widget will let you give flash sales on different occasions and customize the layout of your flash sale products.

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