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Post Type Builder Submissions

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Item description

Addon to use with Post Type Builder plugin that allows users to submit and manage custom posts.

Allow users to submit and edit posts for your custom post types with the Submissions addon. Built to work hand-in-hand with the Post Type Builder plugin, administrators have the options to charge a submission fee, auto publish, or approve submissions manually. It works seamlessly with custom post types, taxonomies, meta boxes, and templates created with the Post Type Builder — this means the fields on the submission forms are synced with the custom fields and templates.


  • Drag & Drop Form Builder – Create submission forms that are associated with all your custom post types and its custom fields.
  • User Submissions Management – Users are given the capability to create a user account, where they can edit, review, and delete their submissions.
  • Admin Submissions Management – Admin can search/filter submissions for a specific post type, author, time range, and payment status.
  • Auto-Publish Submissions – Allow submissions to publish without admin approval.
  • Optional Payment – Allows admin to charge a fee using PayPal for submissions.
  • Email Notification – Email notification is sent to both user and admin whenever a form is submitted.
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