Paid Memberships Pro – Responsive Reports Dashboard
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paid memberships pro responsive reports dashboard .3.1

Developer: Paid Memberships Pro
Version: .3.1 report oudated
Updated 04 December 2021
File status: Original
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A streamlined reports dashboard that loads outside of your WordPress admin. The dashboard pulls in all of the default reports displayed under Memberships > Reports, plus any additional reports you have added via this method.

Easily Access Reports on iOS or Android

To make it easy to access this report dashboard from your phone or tablet, follow the instructions below for your device type:

iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)

  1. Navigate to the unique URL in the Safari browser.
  2. Click the square “action button” in the bottom toolbar.
  3. In the bottom row of icons, click the “Add to Home Screen” option.
  4. This will add a link (identified by the site’s favicon) directly to your reports dashboard (active login session required).

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