Paid Memberships Pro – Addon Packages: Purchase Access To A Page
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paid memberships pro addon packages purchase access to a page post or thing 0.8

Developer: Paid Memberships Pro
Version: 0.8 report oudated
Updated 21 May 2020
File status: Original
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Sell access to individual pages or posts, or sell a la carte items for a flat fee.

This is a workaround if you would like to allow multiple membership levels per user.

How it Works

  • Admin designates a post as an “addon package” by setting a price for access and selecting which membership levels can purchase the package.
  • For users without access, the page will show the excerpt and a link to purchase at the bottom of the page.
  • For users with access, the page will choose the full page/post content (content after the “more” tag).
  • Set the global PMPROAP_EXP_DAYS to optionally define an expiration term for all addon packages (i.e. 7 days)
  • Use the filter pmproap_all_access_levels to define the level(s) that have “all access”. [more]


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