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Ninja Forms – amoCRM

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Want an upgraded way to connect amoCRM with WordPress that doesn't require code? Here it is.

Do you use amoCRM with WordPress, but hate the fact that you need someone familiar with code to update or add new forms? Wish any website admin could do this without having to loop someone else in? Want to offer more payment options, like PayPal for amoCRM, alongside Stripe? Just want to give your lead gen forms an anti-spam boost with features like Google reCaptcha? If you use amoCRM with WordPress, you’ve probably been running up against a wall with third party attempts at solutions to these problems. There is now one eloquent solution to all of them. That anyone can use!

Link any WordPress form fully to your amoCRM account in less than 5 minutes

You can connect to your amoCRM account from any WordPress form. Payment form? Upload form? Any form. It doesn’t matter. With the Ninja Forms amoCRM add-on activated and linked to your amoCRM account:

  1. Add an amoCRM action to any form
  2. Link form fields to account fields

There’s nothing more to it. add to amocrm fields in ninja forms

Create new Contacts and Companies from ANY form submission

Ninja Forms’ amoCRM add-on currently supports both:

  • New Contacts created from any form submission
  • New Companies created from any form submission

You can create either a new Company, Contact, or both. If both, the Contact is linked to the new Company. This is functionality that you can add to any form, just by adding an amCRM action.

Boost your sales even more with Ninja Forms + amoCRM!

Don’t limit your team to collecting new leads and submissions from single purpose forms. Easily create forms that bring new users into your amoCRM account, while also accepting credit card and PayPal payments. Build lead generation forms with built in reCaptcha protection. Effortlessly build forms with multiple steps and advanced form logic with any Ninja Forms membership + this amoCRM add-on.


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