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Mailchimp for WordPress Premium

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Item description

Mailchimp for WordPress comes with a free base plugin, which allows you to subscribe your visitors to your Mailchimp lists in various different ways. It is actively used on well over 2 million different websites and has been very well received by the WordPress community.

However, sometimes you just need a little more. That’s where Mailchimp for WordPress Premium comes in.

The Premium plugin adds some very useful features to the free plugin. You’ll find an overview of these benefits below.

More & Better Forms

In the free plugin, you can only create a single sign-up form. Premium allows you to create an unlimited amount of forms.

Forms can be submitted using AJAX, meaning submitting a form does not reload the entire page.

AJAX powered form which submits without reloading the page
Just a sample of the available e-commerce segmentation rules


See exactly what products your subscribers order from your WooCommerce store and how much revenue your email campaigns are generating.

This allows you to create powerful list segments based on the purchase activity of your subscribers, use product recommendations and recover abandoned carts.

Styles Builder

In Premium, the Styles Builder feature allows you to modify the visual appearance of every form using a simple visual interface. No code or CSS required.


Discover which sign-up methods & pages are performing best over any given time period using visual charts.

With Reports, every sign-up attempt is logged and can be exported when needed.

Email Notifications

Need to send out an instant email notification for every form submission? That’s easy in Premium!

The email can be fully customized and is sent from your website directly, without having to go through Mailchimp.

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