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Updated: 14 May 2024
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JetElements 2.6.18 for Page Builder Elementor

JetElements is an innovative addon for popular Elementor page builder. This plugin adds extensive modules to the existing ones, and allows to stuff... read more
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JetElements is an innovative addon for popular Elementor page builder. This plugin adds extensive modules to the existing ones, and allows to stuff the web pages with multiple content blocks. Attractive appearance combined with the true diversity of animation effects is our plugin’s calling card. The modules are easy-to-use, devised for people who want to create content without any coding skills. There is also a detailed documentation and 24/7 support service to make you feel comfortable when using JetElements.

JetElements Features:

In JetElements plugin one can find a truly complete pack of modules! All you’ll have to do to get all the modules is buy and install JetElements plugin! It includes practically everything, from WooCommerce integration modules to Pricing TablesCarouselsAnimated Boxes and Countdown Timers! We’ve thought over all the details, from content management to style options, that’s why the modules have diverse settings, allowing anyone to customize content and appearance in the matter of several clicks!


Every module has a variety of content and style customization options, allowing anyone to improve performance and create unique content with vivid animation effects, gradient backgrounds and custom fonts. And there are tons of other useful options for practically every JetElements module.


Planning to run an online store? You’ll be astonished how simple it is to add products to the page and sort them when building pages with ElementorJetElements plugin introduces WooCommerce to your pages in several clicks in the form of modules!


It is important to us that everyone could use JetElleements regardlesss of the language and its specifics! That’s why JetElelments supports RTL, so if one needs to change the text direction into right-to-left, it is quite possible with this amazing addon!


JetELelments is a multilingual-ready plugin, that is really easy-to-use for people all over the world! Use JetElelements together with WPML plugin to enjoy it in Your native language!


Delivering existing contact forms to your website pages never was so easy like now, with JetElements! Meet Contact Form 7 module, that pulls up your ready-made contact forms and adds them to the page built with Elementor!


One of the most astonishing things about JetElements is that this addon allows one to add page templates in almost several clicks! Enjoy the simplicity of perfect pre-built home page layouts, provided in the abundant JetElelments templates!


Competent and effective 24/7 support team will solve any questions concerning JetElements plugin! We make it easy to use JetElements and build creative and unique content for web pages for everyone, from beginners to professional web developers!


All the steps from installing JetElements plugin to adding modules to the pages and customizing unique module settings are uncovered in the detailed documentation! We’ve ensured that it will be easy for anyone to use JetElements plugin!


Lots of fresh updates and new elements are to come! We continue working on the most effective JetElements plugin ever, developing extra functionality to be reckoned with!

JetElements Modules

  • Advanced Carousel Module — Creating stunning Carousel sliders is an easy task with Advanced Carousel module! It allows to set the custom number of slides, apply versatile animation options and spice everything up with the finest backgrounds! And what is the best about the module, is that you can add as many slides as you want to!
  • Brands Module — Looking for a way to showcase brands on your website’s page? JetElements plugin will provide you with the most efficient Brands module to add brands to pages built with Elementor! Use Brands module to add brands, visualize them using attractive logos. You can do all of this in several clicks!
  • Circle Progress — Meet the unique Circle Progress module to display progress in the form of circle bars with multiple style settings! Manage your content style, value type and lots of other features using one of the most bright JetElementsmodules for Elementor live page builder!
  • Pricing Table — Need to showcase the prices and services provided by your company? Then our Pricing Table module is just for you! One of the best things about this module is that the tables are really easy to use! The module showcases services in an attractive way and enables you to manage versatile customization settings.
  • Slider — Create slides effortlessly when you need to brighten up your webpages with attractive animated modules which will definitely help you deliver ideas in a stylish way!
  • Posts — Here is a really multifunctional tool to bring different post layouts to your website pages! Using JetElements Posts module you’ll be delighted about the way how easy it is to create grid layouts, or create posts carousels and post sliders! The module is invaluable if you strongly need to liven up the pages with dynamics and vividness.
  • Advanced Map — Let us introduce to you the perfect way to add maps with multiple pins in the form of an Advanced Map Jetelements module for Elementor live page builder! When using it you’ll be able to change map styles, enable switching from satellite to common map view. And on the top of it there’s a user-friendly interface allowing you to change settings in several clicks!
  • Countdown Timer — Embed a timer with a countdown to the web page’s structure without messing up with long and complicated lines of code! This efficient JetElements module has lots of easily changeable style and content settings, which make customization an easy and creative task! Plunge into the universe of digit colors, gradients and versatile backgrounds!
  • Download Button — Add a Download button to give the visitors access to multiple downloadable files from your website! All you’ll need is add the button module to the page and define the file for downloading.
  • Images Layout — Adorn the pages of your website with versatile layouts! You can arrange imagery in the MasonryGrid or Justify layout whenever you feel like it!
  • Banner — Have you been looking for a way to add custom banners to your website page to promote services and attract your visitor’s attention? Bannermodule provides you with multiple means to customize backgrounds, titles and apply different options for content like a pro in the matter of minutes!
  • Animated Box — This cute JetElements module will help you create animated info blocks with two sides! Add icons, buttons and titles, fill in your custom content, and the box will become the perfect means to deliver your ideas to your website’s visitors! Every element of Animated Box module is easily customizable and has loads of options to tune up!
  • Animated Text — The module is devised specially for introducing your ideas to your website’s pages in the form of beautifully animated text! Brighten up the pages built with Elementor with animated words and phrases, customize the animation style, speed, and master the module’s settings to create a perfect decoration for your page’s content!
  • Contact Form 7 Module — Adding a contact form is as easy as 1-2-3 with JetElements plugin! All you have to do is select the contact form from the list of the existing ones, and drop the module to the preferable Elementor section! The module will pull up all the data and display a contact form on your website’s page!
  • Services — This module is devised to add attractive services blocks to your website pages in a smooth and easy way! Use it to showcase the services provided by your company.
  • Team Member — Here is the perfect solution when it comes to displaying your team members! If you need to introduce your team to your website visitors, just add a Team member module to your page! There are multiple content and style settings, that can be changed at will!
  • Testimonials — This module turns out to be useful beyond compare when it comes to adding your clients’ positive feedbacks to your site. Feel free to style up the testimonials and add the beautiful testimonials carousel right to your web page in several clicks!
  • Product Module — The module is invaluable when you need to add products to your website’s pages practically in several clicks! It integrates with WooCommerce plugin and pulls up your existing products to showcase them on your page!
  • Recent Products Module — Display the recently viewed products on your web pages with the help of this simple and efficient module! Recent Products works together with WooCommerce plugin and allows to showcase and sort products by recent views.
  • Featured Products Module — This easy-to-use module will become your instant helper in adding featured products to the website’s pages! It showcases products in an attractive way and sorts them according to your vision! Try it out and find out how to display featured products in an easy way!
  • Sale Products Module — Whenever you want to engage visitors to buy you might want to display sale products on your website’s page! Just drop the module to the page’s section built with Elementor, and enjoy the simplicity of showcasing sale products!
  • BestSellers Module — Display the most sold products on web pages effectively to make the visitors crave to buy your online store bestsellers! The module will pull up the most sold products using WooCommerce plugins. All you’ll have to do is define the number of products to show and add the module to your page!
  • Top Rated Products — Make the visitors see the best products that were rated high by customers? Use Top Rated Products module to showcase the products with the best rating scores on your website’s pages! Drag and drop the module to the page’s structure, and they will be displayed in the section you’ve defined!

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