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Fullpage for Elementor 2.0.5 Wordpress Plugin

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Developer: Meceware
Version: 2.0.5 report oudated
Updated 23 November 2022
File status: Activated. No extra steps are needed.
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This plugin simplifies creation of full screen scrolling websites with WordPress and saves you big time.

Top Features

  • Responsive

    FullPage is fully responsive and perfect fit for any device.

  • Touch Support

    For mobiles, tablets and other touch screen devices.

  • Sections/Slides

    You can easily add sections and slides by inserting the widget, and design your content anyway you’d want with Elementor.

  • Auto-Height Sections

    Each section can be defined as auto-height instead of full height.

  • Responsive Auto-Height Sections

    Full height sections for big screens and auto height sections for small screens.

  • Background Videos

    Use Elementor supported videos as section and slide backgrounds, including color and background images.

  • Navigation Bullets

    Horizontal and vertical navigation bullets with 19 different styles.

  • Animations

    5 CSS3 ease animations or 32 JavaScript animations, whichever you prefer.

  • Anchors

    Animated anchor links, optional browser history support and optional anchor links at the address bar.

  • Keyboard Navigation

    Navigate between sections and slides with keyboard.

  • Vertically Aligned Sections

    Align your content vertically (top, middle, bottom) in the sections.

  • Section and Slide Loops

    Infinite loop options for sections and slides.

  • Scrollbars

    Full page scroll with optional scrollbar, either regular scrollbar or in-section scroll bar.

  • Clean and Minimized Code

    Clean, professionally written, optimized and minimized code.

  • Minimal Server Code

    The server side code is minimized and scripts are loaded when necessary.

  • Templates

    Use empty page template by default, use your own template, or use the theme template (might need JavaScript and CSS skills)

  • Auto-Updates

    Notify and update the plugin when there is an update available automatically.

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1 review for Fullpage for Elementor

  1. Djah Djahia

    v2.0.5 doesn’t work, here is the error : “fullPage: Fullpage.js requires a `licenseKey` option.”

    • Dave

      Hi, it works fine as we just tested. Please make sure your site/server meets plugin’s requirements.

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