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flexible shipping pro for WooCommerce 2.16.0

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Developer: Octolize
Version: 2.16.0 report oudated
Updated 29 March 2023
File status: Activated. No extra steps are needed.
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Flexible Shipping is the most advanced shipping plugin for WooCommerce stores allowing you to calculate the shipping costs based on weight and/or cart total. Combine it with the PRO version and it will become the only WooCommerce shipping plugin you’ll ever need.


  • Shipping costs based on cart weight
  • Shipping costs based on cart total
  • Adding handling fee or an insurance cost after reaching a certain order value
  • Creating COD (Cash On Delivery) shipping method with additional costs
  • Different shipping costs for different shipping classes, products or product categories (PRO)
  • Disable/hide shipping method if a defined rule has been matched in the cart (PRO)
  • Add a cost per whole order and per each one product in the cart (PRO)
  • Enable/disable shipping method based on the Time of the Day and Day of the week (PRO)

These are only a few examples of the Flexible Shipping usage, however, its possibilities are almost endless and sky is the limit 😉 We have described some of them in our docs and Ready to use scenarios →.


  • Unlimited shipping methods and costs calculation rules
  • Possibility of adding the titles and descriptions to your shipping methods
  • Shipping cost based on cart total and/or weight
  • Minimum and maximum values for cart total and/or weight
  • Summing up the costs of e.g. two different rules at the same time e.g. one based on cart total and the second based on weight
  • Free shipping override
  • Option to display the selected shipping methods only for logged-in users
  • Further shipping companies integrations (see the info below for details)
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 2.6 Shipping Zones (see the info below for details)
  • WPML and Polylang compatibility
  • Built-in ready to use scenarios
  • Automatic notification about shipping zone configuration conflict
  • Cart calculation settings (cart or package value)


  • All free features
  • Shipping classes support
  • Shipping costs based on products’ quantity and/or cart line item count
  • Shipping cost based on the product’s maximal dimension
  • Shipping cost based on the volume of the products in the cart
  • Shipping cost based on dimensional weight (with custom DIM Factor)
  • Shipping cost based on products (products, product categories, product tags)
  • Shipping cost based on user role
  • Enable/disable shipping method based on the Time of the Day and Day of the week
  • Additional costs for price, weight, item, cart line item
  • Stopping a rule (if the rule is matched the following rules will not be calculated)
  • Cancelling a rule (if the rule is matched it will remain hidden and not be displayed among the shipping methods at the checkout)
  • Conditional logic for conditions with selection (e.g. shipping class) – matches any/all/none
  • Conditional logic for conditions with ranges (e.g. weight) – is/is not
  • Additional calculation methods (sum, lowest cost, highest cost)
  • Maximum shipping cost per shipping method
  • Free shipping coupons support

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