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Flexible Quantity Pro for Woocommerce 1.1.4

Flexible Quantity – Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce is a plugin that will let you sell products based on their... read more
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Flexible Quantity – Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce is a plugin that will let you sell products based on their weight, dimension, area, or volume. Your customers will be able to choose the quantity of a new unit of measure. You will be able to set the price for the unit, set the increment value of the unit, and set the minimum and maximum product quantity.

Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce – Plugin Features

See the main features of the free version:
  • Measurement price calculator for WooCommerce products,
  • Select the unit of measure for the product whose quantity you are selling,
  • Cost calculator based on unit, weight, dimension, area, and volume,
  • Price by Weight (g, kg, t, oz, lbs, tn),
  • Product price based on dimension (mm, cm, m, km, in, ft, yd, mi),
  • Sell products depending on the area (sq mm, sq cm, sq m, sq km, acs, ha, sq. in., sq. ft., sq. yd.),
  • Choose the volume of the product (ml, l, cup, pt, qt, gal, fl. oz.),
  • Products with volume dimensions (cu cm, cu m, cu. in, cu. ft., cu. yt.),
  • Set the minimum and maximum product quantity,
  • Extend the WooCommerce product with new units and prices,
  • Compatible with the Flexible PDF Invoices for WooCommerce & WordPress plugin. Sell with new units of measure and show them on your WooCommerce PDF invoices!

Measurement Price Calculator in WooCommerce for free

Let’s see more examples of how you can use the plugin!
  • Set the new unit of measure for your WooCommerce products,
  • Sell products based on item, weight, dimension, area, or volume,
  • Show the product price dynamically based on quantity,
  • Use advanced quantity settings for a standard unit (item),
  • Use decimal values for the increment and min/ max quantity settings of your WooCommerce products,
  • Calculate inventory per unit and based on the product,
  • Boost your WooCommerce with advanced settings for product quantities and units of measure,
  • Set the minimum and maximum quantity for your WooCommerce products,
  • Limit quantity per WooCommerce product,
  • Set the WooCommerce product quantity increment value,
  • Calculate inventory based on the new unit of measure, sell WooCommerce products individually, and more 😊.

Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce – PRO Features

Do you need a more complex solution like setting unit dimensions, a pricing table for ranges, and shipping costs based on the product quantity? You may achieve it and better manage the cost based on measurement price calculation with Flexible Quantity Calculator for WooCommerce PRO.

Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce PRO

See some of its features:
  • [PRO] Enable the unit dimensions and unit measurement price calculator,
  • [PRO] Add the label for the unit dimension field,
  • [PRO] Fixed or user-based value of the dimension,
  • [PRO] Set the minimum and maximum values for the unit dimensions,
  • [PRO] Define the dimension increment value for flexible price calculation formulas,
  • [PRO] Choose different units of measure for unit dimensions,
  • [PRO] Add or hide dimensions of the product,
  • [PRO] Product pricing based on the dimension and dynamic unit measurement calculations,
  • [PRO] Define the unit dimensions names,
  • [PRO] See the product price upfront based on the customer input,
  • [PRO] Enable pricing table for ranges,
  • [PRO] Shipping class based on the product quantity,
  • [PRO] WooCommerce quantity based product pricing and flexible shipping cost,
  • [PRO] Dynamic Price per quantity,
  • [PRO] Add custom units of measure, for example, box, bundle, or pallet.

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How to download Flexible Quantity Pro for Woocommerce 1.1.4

How to install Flexible Quantity Pro for Woocommerce 1.1.4

After click Download button above, you’ll get wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip. Normally, you have to unzip wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip, then find the installable sub-zip to upload to your server or your Wordpress admin area. But there are times you don’t have to do that if there is no sub-zip files inside wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip, e.g there is only one folder inside wp-desk-omnibus-2.1.1.zip.

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