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exchangeWP product variants addon 1.5.5

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Developer: ExchangeWP
Version: 1.5.5 report oudated
Updated 15 April 2018
File status: Original
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Allows store owners to add variant options to ExchangeWP product types.

The Variants Add-on for ExchangeWP allows you to offer product options such as sizes, colors, custom variants and price points to your physical and simple products. Product variants can get pretty complicated, but the Product Variants Add-on for ExchangeWP makes selling products with multiple purchase options simple and easy.

Variant Features

  • Add Product Variants in drop-downsradio buttonscolorsimages and sizes (preset).
  • Add color variants with a color picker (hex, rgb, hsb) for accurate color swatches
  • Use the sizes preset to quickly add Small, Medium, Large and X-Large Variants. You can also add your own.
  • Use the image variant to upload images to display variant options visually.

Variant Pricing

Charge alternate prices for specific product variations with Variant Pricing. Just enable variant pricing and select your variant values from the drop-downs to assign a price to any combination of variants.

Inventory Made Easy

Easily match your physical inventory with your online store. Enable variant inventory and ExchangeWP handles populating all the different variations of your products for easy inventorying.

Variant Gallery Images

Display Variant Images in the product gallery to illustrate variant combinations. On the front end, customers will see gallery images change based on their selection.



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