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Version: 6.2.4 report oudated
Updated: 15 November 2023
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events calendar pro 6.2.4 The Original Calendar for WordPress

Powerful features. Easy to use. Beautiful design. Impeccable support. That’s what you get with Events Calendar PRO. read more
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The Events Calendar PRO, a premium add-on to the open source The Events Calendar plugin (required), enables recurring events, custom attributes, venue pages, new widgets and a host of other premium features.

Your Calendar. Your Way.

Events Calendar PRO comes loaded with a selection of well designed views. You control which views you share with your users on the frontend.

Powerful + Simple

Events Calendar PRO is robust, but easy to use. We didn’t build every crazy feature we could imagine. We just built the ones you need.

Recurring Events

If you’ve got events that occur on a schedule, you’ve gotta get Pro. Monthly, weekly, or custom recurring events make it easy to manage your calendar.

Custom Event Recurrence

Have a recurring event that happens on the first Thursday of every month? Every Tuesday and Thursday for three weeks? With custom recurring event patterns, we’ve got you covered.

Venue & Organizer View

Venue View showcases all upcoming events at a given venue along with key details and a map. With Organzier View, you can list all upcoming events organized by that person as well as their contact information and picture.

Advanced Widgets

Share your events from any spot on your website with our selection of handy widgets. PRO has a Mini Calendar grid view, Advanced Upcoming Events List, Featured Venue and even a countdown widget to your next event.

Location Search and Geolocation

Visitors can search for event in or near their city and state. Map View will even display the distance from the searched location. All map functionality is fully powered by the Google Maps API!

Additional Fields

Sometimes, there are event details beyond just time, date, venue and organizer that need to be displayed prominently in your event listing. Additional Fields allows you to add new content within any event.

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Hi, My membership renewed via paypal. Got the receipt and everything. Go to download an update and it says account is expired. I go to the account. It shows the

There is no files to download

Hi there, May I know whether the Static Site Pro can be updated to the last version ( It is currently still on this site. Thanks!

I have installed this plugin before on other sites and it worked ok. But on a new site it’s taking me directly to the License settings. I managed to create

this theme shows that it is not activated in the admin dashboard. Will not allow me to change or save any of the theme options

5 reviews for Events Calendar Pro

  1. Ahmad z

    I’ve download and installed the plugin but there’s a message saying “to start using event calendar pro, install the latest update” does this happen with all the plugins/themes? do they all stop working when there’s an update?

    • Dave

      Hello, this is already the latest version, and not every items only work with the newest version. Could you read through their documentation?

  2. Chris Gilbert

    Please update.

    • Dave

      Hi, it’s updated.

  3. Christian Strand

    This is not recognised as installed with The Events Calendar 6.

    • Dave

      Can you be more specific Christian?

  4. John Charles

    After installing Events calendar version 6 and then installing the pro plugin the pro is not recognised as valid and things like repeating events and shortcodes are not working. Somehow it is being prevented from being recognised.

  5. John Charles

    Still no result from me after numerous uninstall and re-installs. Not recognised.

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How to install events calendar pro 6.2.4 The Original Calendar for WordPress

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