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Updated: 12 July 2023
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elite licenser 2.4.0 Software License Manager for WordPress

Elite Licenser is a WordPress plugin for any types of product licensing. It also manages product updates, auto generates license code,... read more
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Elite Licenser is a WordPress plugin for any types of product licensing. It also manages product updates, auto generates license code, built in Envato licensing verification system, full license control and more. It has full set of API, so you can handle it by other applications as well. One app handles license of all your products. It will make the WordPress as license server. You can license any product with any language (PHP, .Net, Java, Android, etc.). Also you can add licensing to more than one WordPress plugin or theme and it can be installed on same WordPress.

Features Summary

  • No Nulled Version Application Anymore: You can protect your any product by Elite License. Just generate license script and add that into your product that’s it.
  • One Licensing app for Any types of product:You can use this license server for any types of application. Like you can create multiple WordPress plugin, WordPress theme, any php application including Joomla and other CMS, any .net application, any java or android application. That means one app for all types of application.
  • Automatic Product Updating: It has also product updating feature. You just add new version details using a very easy web panel then your app will get update notification. Like if your product is a WordPress plugin or theme then the update will display as core WordPress update.
  • 3rd Party App Hook(instant Notification) : It has hook system for 3rd party app instant notification. It means when a client or license will be add into this system then this system will inform 3rd party app ( like Membership App) new client or license has been added with all client or license information.
  • Email Template : Modify pre-existing templates to send emails to customers. we don’t want to say much on it, Our hardly request to see once in live preview then you will see how easy it is.
  • Envato Integration:You will get build-in Envato license verification system. So you can easily handle your envato license as well other market place license. Even you can add your own integration for any others marketplace as a simple addon plugin.
  • Plug and Play code generation:You can generate complete WordPress plugin and theme sample code, which you could directly install on WordPress. It also generate other languages sample code too.
  • Auto host ban: If anyone attempts to activate the product repeatedly with an incorrect license, this it will block that host(domain) automatically. The host(domain) will no longer be able to use any of your products and you will get those host’s list into its panel.
  • Complete API Support: It has complete API support for 3rd party app, you can also control the API permission.
  • Continuously License Code Protection + small footsteps server load: We are always think future about our product and we coding them carefully. For example: Normally other licenser app check license on each time load. But in this licenser you can handle that as well. Either you can choose each time or you can set multiple settings of calling for license. like you can set first 3 times it will check hourly then it will check once in a day for 5 times then it will check once in a week and continue. But you can also inactive that license key from this app any time. If you change the license key status then that license key holder app will check immediately.
  • Remove License Any Time: You can forcefully remove license from client’s product. if you think that client steal your license or still using your product after refunded.
  • One App Handle’s your all application: You just need to install it once and use it into your all app. Don’t need to take any other service or application. You can also use envato license system into it. Fully hassle less for any author or developer.
  • Custom License Type : You can create many custom license type, like single license, multi license, 1 year license etc, You can set the max domain on each license type. Also you can detect forum sharing. Cause you can set verification counter as well. It means if you set a multi license with 50 domain and verification required on 10 domain then client need to verification manually by you to add each domain after 10th.
  • URL Based Restrictions:This app restrict a license key with URL that means, if someone installed your app and also install or then for each case it they required individual license key if purchase single license key. So no more usage after buying a single license.
  • Details license information: You can get details license information, There is also a log when and where it has been installed.
  • Addons: Currently, it has a WooCommerce addon. There are many addon will be come for additional feature in future. You can use that addon too.

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