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Create a WordPress query in seconds with Easy Query
Updated: 22 March 2021
Status: Original
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A visual query builder plugin for WordPress

Easy Query Pro is the fastest way to build and display complex queries without touching a line of code.

Visually build a custom easy_query shortcode and WP_Query code snippet based on the content of your website by adjusting various parameters in the Query Builder.


These are just a few key features of the Easy Query Pro plugin.

Query Builder

Create a custom Easy Query shortcode and WP_Query in seconds.


Create unique layouts/templates for the different content types throughout your theme.

Responsive Layouts

A library of fully responsive templates ready for use on your site.

Saved Queries

Save, modify and delete past queries with the click of a button.

WP_Query Generator

Output a custom WP_Query when you adjust the Query Builder parameters.

Powerful Shortcode

Drop the shortcode into any content area, widget zone or page template.


Enable the paging module by setting paging=”true” in your shortcode.

Multiple Instances

Include multiple instances of Easy Query on a single page.