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Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis

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Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis puts you in control of your website through powerful design options and flexible customization tools.

The Do-It-Yourself Genesis Child Theme

  • Completely Customize Your Website With Intuitive No-Coding Options.
  • HTML5 & Responsive Design Define This Cutting Edge Design Tool.
  • Create Limitless Custom Content Areas For Total Site-Structure Control.
  • Tweak The Styles Of Your Website & See The Results In Real-Time!
  • Create Totally Custom “CMS Style” Static Homepage Designs In Minutes!

Responsive Design Made Easy!

With a single check of a box you can turn Dynamik into a fully responsive Genesis Child Theme, but it doesn’t stop there. With intuitive Responsive Design controls you can completely customize the way your site responds to mobile devices!

Layout Width Control At Your Fingertips!

With Dynamik every Content and Sidebar width for every possible Layout option provided by Genesis is given a setting that YOU control and tweak in seconds. You set the dimensions and then let Dynamik do the rest!

Customize Your Content Your Way!

Quickly and easily create Custom Widget/Content Areas with no coding necessary, use Custom Conditionals to dictate where they display and when you need to do a little custom coding Dynamik Website Builder has you covered there as well!

Create A Static Homepage In Seconds!

With Dynamik’s super intuitive and highly flexible EZ Static Homepage feature you can choose from 49 custom widgetized homepage structures, making homepage setup just a matter of a few mouse clicks!

Create Custom Genesis Child Themes!

With Dynamik you not only have the ability to create completely custom website designs with little or no coding required, but you can then Export your complete design as a Custom Genesis Child Theme in a matter of seconds!

See Dynamik Demoed By The Developer

Sometimes just reading about a theme is not enough to truly capture the power and flexibility found in such a refined piece of WordPress software. So be sure to watch the following screencast where Eric, the head Cobalt Apps developer, demos Dynamik to show you some of the goodness found in this unique Genesis Child Theme.


  • Complete Control: Over 800 No-Coding Design Options
  • Revolutionary Home Page Control: 49 One-Click Home Page Configurations Included
  • Responsive Design: Make Your Site Mobile Friendly With Genesis & Dynamik!
  • Dynamik Skins: Get A Design Head-Start With Premium Dynamik Skins!
  • Phenomenal Flexibility: Create Unlimited Custom Widget Areas & Content Areas For Amazing Flexibility
  • CSS Builder: A Custom CSS Building Tool That Writes Custom Code For You!
  • Front End CSS Builder: Seeing Your Custom Styles Take Effect In Real-Time!
  • Unlimited Google Fonts and More: Comprehensive Web-Safe Fonts And Styling Control
  • Fast, Efficient Code

Create Your Own Custom Child Themes With A Single Mouse Click

This is something you won’t find anywhere else. Dynamik can create Custom Child Themes in seconds. All you have to do is…

  • Utilize the 800+ Dynamik design options to tweak your site’s design to your liking.
  • Add any Custom CSS, Functions, Widget & Content Areas you like and use the Built-In Image Uploader to add any images necessary to make your site shine.
  • Then fill in a few fields, click a single button and instantly download your brand new, totally custom Genesis Child Theme, ready for use in however you see fit.

Additional Features:

  • Image Uploader Built into Dynamik for super easy background styling.
  • Full Import/Export of ALL your Dynamik Options
  • Easily Add Your Own Custom Favicon To Your Site
  • Fully Compatible With WordPress MU (Multi-Site)
  • Comprehensive Documentation that’s built right into the Theme Options
  • And A Gazillion Other Things You’ll Experience Once You Buy Dynamik Website Builder!

Skins Included:

A Dynamik Skin, in its simplest form, is a pre-customized set of Dynamik Design Options that can be easily imported into any Dynamik Child Theme installation, providing the Genesis/Dynamik user with a quick “head start” on their next Dynamik design.

  • Dynamik Classic Skin
  • BlogPress Skin
  • DigitalPress Skin
  • EnterprisePress Skin
  • ProductPress Skin
  • Sample Skin
  • SmallBizPress Skin
  • SocialPress Skin
  • ThoughtPress Skin
  • WritePress Skin
  • InspirePress Skin
  • Lefty Skin
  • Storefront Skin
  • Freshly Skin


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