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draw attention pro 3.0.6 WordPress Plugin for Interactive Images

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Version: 3.0.6 report oudated
Updated 04 February 2023
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Highlight different areas of an image and attach more information to each area. Add an image, text, headline, shortcode, gallery, video, audio and more. Reveal more information on click/tap or hover. Select from a pre-built color scheme or specify your own custom colors. Interactive images are fully responsive, SEO friendly and accessible.

Easy drawing tools

Click to draw

Our drawing tools are easy to use, even to draw complex shapes. Just click your image to draw a point. Remove a point by pressing the control key while clicking. Easily adjust an existing point by simply dragging it with your mouse. You can easily add new points to an existing shape just by clicking. Move the entire shape by grabbing the handle in the middle. You can draw shapes on images of any format – PNG, JPG, or GIF.

Create colorful highlights

Draw attention to areas of your image

Draw any shape from simple squares and triangles to complex shapes and place them anywhere on your image. The shapes you draw highlight as your user moves their mouse over the image or taps the area on a mobile device. You can define the color and opacity of the shapes and control their style – make the shapes visible at all times, or only reveal them after the user interacts with your image.

Customizable colors

Match your theme or color palette

Choose from over 20 pre-defined color schemes to quickly and easily create an interactive image. Or, create a complete custom color scheme that matches your theme or your image. You can use multiple color schemes on a single image – great for showing different statuses or categories. Create your own styles including color, opacity, border color, border width, and border opacity.

Layout options

Choose how you’d like your image to display

Define how you’d like additional information attached to your image should appear. It can appear beside the image, on either the left or right, above or below the image, or in a lightbox or tooltip. You can define the styles for the background color and text color of the additional information. Fonts and font sizes are inherited from your theme for maximum compatibility.

Add additional information

Add more to each highlightable shape

Add a title and a featured image attached to each highlightable shape on your image. You can also add styled text with the full-featured text editor. In addition, the text editor allows the use of shortcodes, including video, audio, and image galleries. You have lots of flexibility!

Link to other pages

Add links to highlightable shapes

As an option, instead of adding more information to each shape, you can optionally link each shape to another page, post, product, or more. You can link to other websites and choose to open the link in a new window or in the same window. You can also link to documents, forms, photos, and downloadable files.

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