Download Monitor Advanced Access Manager
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download monitor advanced access manager addon 4.0.8

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Developer: Never5
Version: 4.0.8 report oudated
Updated 07 October 2022
File status: Original
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The Advanced Access Manager extension allows you to create advanced download limitations per download and on a global level.

Advanced Access Rules

Create access rules per download and on a global level and create truly advanced access to your downloads. With this extension, you’ll be able to limit access rules to a combination of roles, users and IP addresses!

Advanced Restrictions

Setup extra restrictions per rule, creating even more advanced access rules! Limit access to your downloads based on a date period or a download amount.

Global Rules

Create global access rules that will apply to all your downloads. Download specific access rule will first be applied and when none of these matches, the global rules will be applied. An easy way to create rules for all your downloads at 1 place!

Finally, the Advanced Access Manager extension is 100% Multisite/Network compatible and will work in combination with other access restriction options and extensions.



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