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Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

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Hide products, prices, or add to cart button based on user countries.

Customize Shopping Features By Country

The Country Restrictions for WooCommerce extension enables you to customize displayed purchasing information by country. Only show users products and payment methods available in their country. Improve the user experience of international customers.

Completely hide specific products, prices, or the add-to-cart button. Define the changes by country automatically: the extension detects customer countries based on their geo-location. You can also choose to hide payment methods based on the customers’ current country if they are traveling.

Features of Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

  • Hide specific products and categories
  • Hide prices or the add-to-cart button
  • Hide payment methods from specific countries
  • Automatically detects customer geo-locations
  • Replace the add-to-cart button and price with a custom text or link
  • Show an error message, or redirect to another link when users access restricted pages with a direct link
  • Add different restrictions for different countries
  • Add restrictions on a product level or in bulk using rule-based management

Increase customer satisfaction and streamline your buying processes with Country Restrictions for WooCommerce.

Hide prices and the add-to-cart button

Instead of hiding the entire product, you can hide prices and the add-to-cart button of selected products based on countries. For example, you can hide the “X” category and product “A” from the USA, and at the same time hide prices and the add-to-cart button for category “Y” and product “B” for customers in the USA.

Hide payment methods

The Country Restrictions for WooCommerce enables you to hide or show payment methods based on countries.


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