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FEATURES User Ratings Users can rate each recipe with a star rating
Updated: 16 January 2021
Status: Pre-activated
. You can activate with any license key.
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User Ratings

Users can rate each recipe with a star rating or thumbs up/down (you choose). Most noteworthy, if they happen to leave a comment on the recipe, their rating will show up with it.

User Favorites

Your visitors can favorite recipes and then view them all from their profile. As a result, they can get access to their most loved recipes from a single source.

Powerful Social Sharing

Your visitors can easily share recipes to Facebook (with attached images), Twitter (supports tags), Pinterest (supports tags and rich pins), Google Plus and old-school style via Email.

User Profiles

Each user can view their own recipes, favorites and update their profile information. Also, there’s a standard-issue registration and login form included, but you are not required to use them.

Recipe Submissions

Users can use a front-end submission form to submit their own recipes, either for their own use or for public consumption (after approval from the site administrator).

Cuisines, Cooking Methods & Tags

Three additional taxonomies are included, allowing you to sort your recipes by Cuisine (French, American, etc.), Cooking Method (baking, grilling, etc.) and even tags. And as a bonus, the tags are handled like #hashtags and will show up with Twitter and Pinterest shares!

Modern Grid Layout

First, we have the Modern Grid layout. A cleaner take on the default style. All recipes are the same height and contain more concise information.

Full-Width Layout

In addition, you get the Full-Width layout. Beautiful image-centric recipe layout, complete with the title, excerpt and interactive featured overlaid on top.

Compact Layout

Finally, there’s the Compact layout, a great layout for keeping things simple. Looks similar to a blog-style layout.