Advanced Elements for Elementor

The Advanced Elements add on for Elementor integrates many of the the
Version: 1.7
Updated: 7 April 2021
Status: Original
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The Advanced Elements add on for Elementor integrates many of the the field types that the Advanced Custom Fields plugin support. Its main benefit is the extensive ACF Repeater field support.

Repeating video box with example videos

Below you can see the Repeating Video Box widget in action. It’s really easy to use.

It’s configured to use lazy load with image overlay and video popup.

ACF Repeater widgets

The add-ons main focus is providing extensive support for the ACF Repeater field. You have numerous different widgets to choose from. If you want to make custom setups you can use Elementor templates together with the repeater field.

Extensive Dynamic Tags support

The add-on comes with a whole array of new dynamic tags. It includes support for using repeater subfields as dynamic tags in Elementor templates, date & time related tags with various formatting options and more.

ACF Icon widgets

If you use Advanced Elements with the free ACF Icons plugin you get access to even more widgets and it also enables new icon related features for the default Advanced Elements widgets. Give each repeater field its own icon field and you can easily display icons on your tabs, accordions, repeating boxes and more.