Updated 13 May 2022
Toolset Access plugin lets you choose what different users can do on your WordPress site. Grant privileges to entire ...
Toolset – The Easiest Way To Add Custom Types To Wordpress
Updated 10 May 2022
The Easiest Way to add Custom Types to WordPress.
Updated 10 May 2022
Toolset Maps will extend Types, WP Views and CRED with advanced geolocalization features. Toolset Maps lets you displ...
Toolset – Woocommerce Views
Updated 5 April 2022
Lets you add e-commerce functionality to any site, running any theme. WooCommerce Views makes it possible to build cu...
Updated 5 April 2022
Forms lets you build forms that edit any WordPress content With Formsyou can create classifieds, listing, membership ...
Updated 5 April 2022
Intuitive visual design, powerful dynamic content, everything integrated and working. If this is how you’d like to bu...
Updated 20 January 2022
When you need to create lists of items, Views is the solution. Views will query the content from the database, iterat...
Toolset – Framework Installer / Reference Sites
Updated 18 May 2021
Toolset WordPress Plugin Reference Sites are like WordPress themes – fully working designs created with Toolset Frame...
Updated 14 April 2021
The WordPress Layout Builder For Bootstrap Perfectionists
Updated 27 March 2019
Module Manager is a Toolset component that allows you to export and import Toolset elements. You will be able to reus...
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