Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro – A Simple
Updated 1 September 2022
A full-featured, powerful membership solution for WordPress.
Updated 23 March 2022
Process credit card payments through the payment gateway
Updated 21 January 2022
Allow users to add themselves to your Campaign Monitor email list when they register
Updated 12 January 2022
Limit the number of times a subscription level may be purchased
Updated 15 September 2021
EDD Member Downloads connects your Restrict Content Pro powered site to Easy Digital Downloads, and it lets you offer...
Updated 23 February 2021
Make your community profitable.
Restrict Content Pro – Restriction Timelock
Updated 27 January 2021
Keep content unrestricted until a defined time in the future
Restrict Content Pro – Group Accounts
Updated 27 January 2021
Umbrella memberships for Restrict Content Pro.
Restrict Content Pro – Restriction Timeouts
Updated 27 January 2021
Unrestrict content after a specified date.
Restrict Content Pro – Site Creation
Updated 27 January 2021
Sell access to sites within a multisite network.
Restrict Content Pro – Mailchimp Pro
Updated 27 January 2021
Subscribe members to MailChimp lists and synchronize account details over time
Updated 21 January 2021
The Restrict Content Pro – Resume Manager add-on grants you membership level control over WP Job Manager’s Resume Man...
Restrict Content Pro – Math Verification
Updated 2 September 2020
Add math verification to the registration form.
Restrict Content Pro – Help Scout
Updated 1 September 2020
Get membership account details inside your support portal.
Updated 1 September 2020
Configure different activation, expiration, and cancellation emails for each membership level.
Restrict Content Pro – Custom Redirects
Updated 1 September 2020
Set log in and registration redirect URLs per subscription level.
Restrict Content Pro – Ip Restriction
Updated 1 September 2020
Configure IP whitelists and blacklists for your restricted content
Restrict Content Pro – Activecampaign
Updated 1 September 2020
Integrates Restrict Content Pro with ActiveCampaign
Restrict Content Pro – Woocommerce Member Discounts
Updated 1 September 2020
Give members automatic discounts on purchases in your WooCommerce store.
Restrict Content Pro – Hard-Set Expiration Dates
Updated 1 September 2020
Set specific expiration dates for all members in a subscription level.
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Flash sale up to 50% to all subscriptions.