Item access
Updated 28 September 2023
Digits let your user signup on your website simply with their mobile number. No more checking emails. Just SMS In...
Updated 15 March 2023
This Digits addon allows you to use REST API calls for its functions
Updated 9 April 2023
Have just one form for both login and signup process using mobile number.
Updated 7 July 2023
Enhance the capabilities of your form by additional and advanced fields, or build a logic to hide/show some field when...
Updated 26 July 2020
Restrict access to your website, lock some specific page or posts or even your WooCommerce’s product or checkout page to...
Updated 4 August 2023
Want to stop emails from some specific domain or stop spam? With this filter out the domains you don’t want...
Updated 15 March 2023
Setup different SMS gateways for different countries to minimize cost and increase reachability with ease.
Updated 11 April 2023
This Digits addon allows you to create custom Login/Signup Page/Modal

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